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way of preventing laag deaths???

so been browsing hc forums and came accross a way to prevent laag? basicly a person pauses but i didint think this would work since the server wont register the pause will it?
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First, its named lag.
Second, it was fixed. It was pausing the game and then relogging from another PC, so the paused char would be instantly taken out of game (not only after 10 secs)
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This only works in the situation where there is a lag hickup followed by a longer, more dangerous lag. The idea is that you'd pause it after the hickup. The lag does in fact follow this pattern occasionally. But not always.

The best protection for lag is to group with friends. At least that way, you can eliminate some of the risk from client-side disconnection, because they can try to protect you.

But ultimately, after losing a couple 60's to lag, I believe that it's only a matter of time. Keep some good items in your stash and play an alt during prime hours.

Maybe enough people are quitting that their server performance has improved during prime time...
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Its the most difficult boss in D3 hardcore,especially for us who is not from USA.
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Yeah, it's called Lagcore for a reason. On the upside, without lag deaths, there will be no one buying stuff on AH.
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