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07/10/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
We know that not all players will see eye-to-eye with us on how these categories are organized, and we expect some criticism and disagreement, especially from such a passionate group of gamers. While we're happy with where affix combos are right now, we're open to feedback and especially constructive discussion. :)

Considering that the majority of the complaints are based on the elites and certain combo's right here it is telling us all basically to shove off.

There have been rants and then there has been constructive feedback on this and yet you seem to overlook the constructive stuff so I am baffled as to why we should bother at all?

Oh well thanks for the heads up, I had been waiting to see if there was going to be a fix for this broken system. Now I can stop waiting and uninstall. Although this really matters not to them, as I haven't sold anything on the rmah or bought anything so to them I would be lowest on the totem pole.
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After careful consideration of this affix list, I've decided not to endorse your park.
Thanks brah for taking time to answer our questions.
uhm, so when are you going to fix bugs on class skills,

for example, Monk's Dashing Strike is obviously bugged, i even reported this on the bug forums and i know that in the Monk forums, there are a lot of people stating this bug, but on the "known issues" post, i don't even see any report that the Dashing Strike is bugged.

please clarify
Personally, I don't agree with the classification of Jailer. I believe it better fits the "Strong CC" profile insofar as it fundamentally affects the amount of "on mob" attacking time you have (at least as melee, since not everything always chases you: see bees, various casters, javelin throwers etc).

I don't believe the fact you can use cooldowns to remove yourself from its effects isn't relevant since there are already other distancing mechanics in the "Strong CC" group type. If your "break free" mechanic isn't up (as can be the case in Jailer spam), then it's even more of a crowd controller than the others in that group.

The only reason I bring this up at all is that if you're going to have enrage timers on champion packs - which I don't personally see the point of, then you need to factor into your considerations when setting the timer the fact that certain "don't come near me" combinations, such as Nightmare and Jailer can make it the next closest thing to impossible to defeat that group in time through simply not having enough attack time.

An alternative approach would be to reduce the CC group (though it's primarily just Nightmare) spam rate which would allow more time to actually attack in and amongst the usual kiting (where applicable) process. Being jailed in that instance wouldn't be such a compounding factor in beating an enrage timer.

In short, I don't mind the ability to not escape - that's not the complaint. If you die, you die. It's the inability to catch up and do regular damage that presents the occasional annoyance.

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