Diablo® III

Follow-Up Points


New Limitations for Affixes

"Super Death Combo" (Limit 1):

"Strong CC" (Limit 1):

"Defensive" (Limit 1):
Extra Health
Health Link
Missile Dampening
Invulnerable Minions

"Aggressive" (No Limit):
Fire Chains
Reflects Damage
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Yeah they didnt address anything that the bad players have been !@#$%ing about. They need to make the last play thorough easier! I mean its freaking called Inferno -- it should be easy!

You're bad.

I am by no means the best but I am VERY FAR from 'bad'.

I no longer farm any whole acts or 'fun' acts due to the retarded repair cost. It is inefficient. If you don't realize this then you are bad.

PvP was a nice release and a neat way to show off good gear amongst friends - I'm not talking about this carebear arena crap they are ramming down the throats of all of you cocksucking pussies. I am talking about joining a game, running out and front, and just throwing down. To the victor goes the ear.

Legendaries are crap. I blow them all up to turn them into gold. As soon as I can sell all my gold on the RMAH I'm done with this game. I've only made $200.00 on this so far but would like to cut off the gigantic time sink that the !@#$% (devs, directors, whoever you wanna call out here) have created.

Enrage timers - play WoW if you want ^-*!ing enrage timers.

So, kudos to you InkEyes.

@#$% you Turing - post your ignorant ^-*! somewhere else.

Bahahaha, you get a +1.
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lol so IAS nerf was to make us use more and different builds, what



joke and lie.
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Non-bs explanation of why they nerfed IAS:

"People were attaining high enough DPS numbers with a reasonable amount of gold by purchasing simple IAS gear from the GAH; this was in-turn discouraging usage of the RMAH".
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^ That's sounds more like it.
So with the continuing nerfs, will a player ever be able to get gear that would allow something like this?


Your IAS nerf was a god awful excuse to weaken items and push RMAH sales. You didn't realize that people didn't get IAS only because it did more damage, but because PEOPLE LIKE HITTING THINGS FASTER.

So the nerf not only weakened items, but the overall gameplay experience by restricting player speed and mobility which by all accounts and anyone's standards is NOT FUN.


edit: grammar is kicking me in the balls today
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07/10/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
So, instead of seeing an increase in gear and skill diversity over time, what we actually saw was more and more players shifting to IAS-focused builds almost exclusively. On a scale large, it was crippling experimentation and skill diversity.

So do you guys sit around with popcorn and watch us play? lol
07/12/2012 04:45 AMPosted by Enzyqt
Why on earth is Waller not counted in the "Strong CC" category? Getting Waller + Jailer etc is ridiculous as ranged.

Because you can actually escape from Waller and control where you can move. I'm guessing any sort of CC that forces player movement without input from the player is deemed as "Strong CC." IE: You can't control where you'll run when suffering from nightmare and you can't choose where to land when knocked back; therefore these effects are deemed "Strong CC."
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How about you comment on the NINJA BUFF of elemental damage in Inferno post-1.0.3?

(it also may be a ninja nerf of all resist, I'm not sure because it's ninja)
07/12/2012 05:13 AMPosted by Processor
So, instead of seeing an increase in gear and skill diversity over time, what we actually saw was more and more players shifting to IAS-focused builds almost exclusively. On a scale large, it was crippling experimentation and skill diversity.

So do you guys sit around with popcorn and watch us play? lol

She's stalks us, it's ok though she's hot.
Now that it only requires 2 gems to combine into the next tier and the pattern has been broken, we've no issue increasing the base stack size. Good suggestion.

2 gems to combine into the next tier!?! Wat?
4 points answered 4 suggestions here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5959736506?page=1

What about the other 96 ideas? ;)
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I had a really long post written out yesterday in reply to this, but it wouldn't let me post due to the thread reaching its limit....so in short:

IAS - The nerf just made IAS more essential than before, since now if you want a decent attack speed, you have to stack it like crazy to see any worth while benefits. With Crit now being the flavour of the month (until you nerf that too) the cost to stack up crit items is way out of the means of players who don't:

a) Bot
b) Buy from gold sites
c) Want to use the RMAH
d) Didn't "exploit" previous, now nerfed, gold farms
e) Actually have a job/life and can't play 10+ hours a day

This is the #1 reason all my friends quit playing D3 and why my experience of D3 is now:

Log in.

Realise I have nothing to do but farm at least 20M gold so I can even continue playing the game.

Log out.

Which brings me onto enrage timers:

Such a bad idea. Forcing people to have to meet gear requirements, in an effort to force them onto the RMAH through frustration is not a good business model. If people want to advance through hard content with perseverance and skill, then they should be able to. Adding a contrived system to punish these types of players is quite frankly, disgusting.

If I want any chance of enjoying Diablo 3 now, I have no choice but to just farm gold in nightmare mode, for say a month at least. Is that fun? Is that how you want people to play in order to progress? The economy is so broken, that only a select few of those players who remain can afford the grossly inflated AH prices.

Going back to the IAS nerf, saying it was supposed to promote build diversity, did this work?


People play the same builds in general, because most of the skills in this game are useless. Only instead of IAS in these same builds, they just stack crit chance/damage instead.
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Extra Health
Health Link

Just gonna say, this would be a fun pack to fight!
Would someone please address all the trading threads that are being posted in the Classes area of the forum. This area is for discussion of each class not to sell your latest drop. The trading in this area is getting out of hand and making it almost impossible to use these areas for what they were intended. Maybe something could be done like adding sub forums for each class under the trading forums.
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One of the biggest issues we discovered with IAS was that it actively limited build diversity. While IAS was pretty strong on its own, when coupled with certain gear and skill combinations, it simply became too alluring for a lot of players to ignore

Based on this logic what about Resist ALL. It is in the same category for melee in inferno. There is almost no build diversity available in acts 3 and 4 due to the requirement of a single stat Resist all. Is blizzard going reduce the need for resist all by half, it would seem that since it was done on the dps side it should be done on the defense side. If that is not the case how as a community can we not assume that the IAS was strictly a nerf to stop progression and had little to do with trying to get build diversity. I say progression because this is what my experience was, I was a wizard progressing nicely through act 3 with 58K dps in gear that was affordable ( sub 1mill gear) with the IAS nerf I dropped around 10K to 48K and had to go and start farming for gear to get me back to my 58K dps. This was such a daunting thing to do because of the high cost on the ah. I rolled a barbarian which I got to act II and was unable to progress due to gear. I sold the 1 piece I had on my wizard that was a tier 1 item (it sold for 20mill gold) I proceeded to spend 10Mill getting my barbarian to what I thought would be plenty of Resist all to progress. (900 RA 7k Armor 38K health 20Kdps) this was with the buffs and the build I had enjoyed leveling with. And it did let me get to act III. In act III I found that my RA was far to low and I was getting killed by swarms of normal mobs. So ( here is the crux of the issue with Resist ALL) I got on the web and watch videos of actual inferno barbs and realized that almost all of them were I realized that as much as Blizzard Is touting build diversity it is a sham. I amped up my Resist to all to 1.2K 9k armor 42K health and 8K dps (most I could get with life on hit who knew having 9million ment you were poor) and a build that is pretty much cookie cutter for inferno barbs. How many barbarians blizzard are in inferno with out Tough as nails, superstition warcry frenzy revenge. Thats half of my active slots taken and 75% of my passives that I have no choice in. I'd even go so far as to say most barbs. In reality I'd be willing to bet if blizzard showed the builds that have made it to diablo inferno they are all very close to kripp's build or only slightly modified and I bet none of them feel Resist ALL wasn't the stat that was most prized. ( sure would be nice to prize your main stat higher )

Here are the categories:

"Strong CC" (Limit 1):
  • Knockback
  • Nightmarish
  • Vortex

"Defensive" (Limit 1):
  • Avenger
  • Extra Health
  • Health Link
  • Horde
  • Illusionist
  • Missile Dampening
  • Invulnerable Minions
  • Shielding
  • Vampiric

"Aggressive" (No Limit):
  • ArcaneEnchanted
  • Desecrator
  • Electrified
  • Fast
  • Fire Chains
  • Frozen
  • Jailer
  • Molten
  • Mortar
  • Plagued
  • Reflects Damage
  • Teleporter
  • Waller

So ... Jailer and Frozen are just weak CCs? Or no CCs at all? Are you being serious with these categories?

So being jailed like 3 times in a row with desecrator+molten+plagued without being able to do anything against it is not a strong CC?

And people even thank you for trolling them. Amazing.
07/10/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
IAS was an outlier -- it's not that it made characters too powerful, but rather that it caused a few builds to become vastly superior to others.

In case the devs havent noticed, the high damage and difficulty in inferno already makes some builds better then others. Just being honest, if you really nerfed attack speed to encourage more builds, you should really nerf the monster's attack power too.

Then all builds would have a chance of being successful now wouldn't they?
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