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Why were runes removed from the game? Another cut to make the game (and RMAH) come out faster?
07/10/2012 06:18 PMPosted by MrPaz
The only question is, what will Blizzard do to continue balancing skill diversity? Will they bring over-used skills down or will they bring under-used skills up?

Judging by their past balancing decisions

3) Allow users to buy multiple health potions with one click.

Also a cool idea! We're looking into it.

Yes please. This was in D2, what was wrong about it that had to be taken out?
What are you thoughts on the hefty repair costs?
07/10/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Miraa

Really? "We" ??

We are not amused!

The CMs always speak in "we"s, though I think that's because they are speaking as the voice of the devs and less as persons with opinions.

Still amuses me every time they use it.

What are you even trying to say here?

Yes, they are saying "we" as in the developers, not the community.. Why would they try to say "we" in behalf of players, that doesn't even make sense..

These forums....
Still would very much like to see a simple adjustment to the BattleTag/RealID shared friends list limitations. Since those are the only way to add friends in Diablo 3, and it's a very cooperative game, it's extremely difficult to make new friendships when you're at the (very small) cap of 100 players between both lists across all three platforms (Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft).

I don't add strangers to my list, I've just been an avid Blizzard gamer for over a decade now and my list has easily filled up with people I consider to be good friends. I've already had to make some extremely difficult decisions to remove old friends, and I would like to avoid having to do so in the future just in order to make new friends in Diablo.
Great job Lylirra!!!!
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Why do you always bring "We" (As Blizzard) instead of "We" (As the Players) ?
How about IDing multiple items at once or removing the timer from IDing? That timer gets pretty annoying when you're IDing 30 yellows from NV stacks.

I'd also like a word with you re: this "skill diversity" you mention. Insofar as I've seen, very few classes use more than 1-2 different skills from each other. Pretty much everyone uses their class invuln and escape skills, with very little variance - perhaps your omniscient Big Brother statistics tell you otherwise, but I'm working off observation. Most runes are obviously worse than other options, or incredibly niche. Some things just flat make no sense.

- Monks have quite a few skills that trigger off critical hits, but absolutely no non-gear way to improve critical hit % other than playing solo and hiring Lyndon. Being fair, they do get a few "hit x times really fast" skills, but barring that and considering the IAS nerf (and the one IAS granting skill they do get is a low % rune to the most niche mantra), it's rather difficult to get DPS going on this class.

- Witch Doctors are playable, but suffer a unique screw due to game mechanics in that they have several powerful and useful skills that are just flat terrible against act bosses - which is fine. Mass Confusion or especially Hex actually working in those situations would be silly and overpowered (although Frost Nova works just fine, except against Belial.) As such, encountering an act boss solo means losing all your NV stacks. Now I know you don't want us doing act boss runs, but I'd like to be able to go from Siegebreaker to Diablo without losing my stacks on Azmodan, especially since A4 is so short you can barely get five stacks going again. Soul Harvest is also an incredibly good skill (that keeps WDs from falling behind to Wizards the way most posters THINK they do) but again, is nearly useless in one-on-one confrontations.

Were it me, I'd make it so that any skill that won't work on an act boss (or any other given enemy) like Mass Confusion has some kind of other, different effect. This way a unique and fun class isn't punished for using its best abilities.

That's all for now.
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I have a question regarding the commodities in the RMAH. I was looking forward to this feature and was confused when I saw there was a minimum post of 25 cents. This doesn't make much sense to me because that cuts out most of the commodities from being posted. No one will buy 1 essence for 25c. Not to mention, it completely cuts dyes out of the market as well.

Will someone please look into lowering or removing the minimum price for commodities?
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Why yikes?

IAS was way too good and no geared class struggles (besides WD) in the game at all.

As a WD i can still farm act 3 comfortably, and clear act iv, the problem isn't strictly the class right now we are just fine, a lot of our community is just terrible/cant figure out how to adjust. The problem is there is little/no build diversity with what should be reasonable gear right now. I want build diversity, all though i am fine with my drain/tank build i run through a3 for now, would just like more options, like say Pets!!!! what the class was designed around, a more efficient resource system(even if some dmg nerf inevitably happens because of this).
07/10/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Magiknizm
Why do you always bring "We" (As Blizzard) instead of "We" (As the Players) ?

It doesn't even begin to make sense for them to say "we" in any other tense than speaking for them.. "They" think that IAS in a good spot, so they say "we" think it's in a good spot...

Don't be dense.
Jailor, Frozen, and Waller belong with the CC, Reflect Damage belongs in Defensive.
Gives it a 6/9/9 spread instead of a 3/8/13 spread.
Also, it makes sense.
Edited by TonyS1X#1780 on 7/10/2012 6:26 PM PDT
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So when certain affix combinations literally make them impossible to kill, you must quit the game, or find a way to skip that pack.

Does Blizzard want people to quit the game? Is that seriously considered a legitimate way of dealing with a challenge? To quit and restart?

What kind of retarded game design is that?

It has been stated by CMs that if you face a mob that you absolutely CANNOT kill, it is 'okay' to skip them or restart the game to generate different mobs that you might have a better chance at defeating.

Awesome game design right?

Mobs with Jailer + Frozen + anything else is dumb. Frozen on it's own is fine, that's easy to avoid, even though the range of those frozen orbs is ridiculous. But when you get constantly jailed, and they drop an orb next to you that explodes and freezes you, only to get jailed and frozen again until you die... Again, awesome game design.
Why do level 58- items fall in the level 60+ area?
Its hard enough to beat some of those packs of elites, and when I do, after maybe dieing once , I pay 8g and my reward is.....lvl54 200 dps weapon with int, and gold find.......:( Its feels terrible, costs to much and I really don't enjoy it. RNG is RNG, but come on, Why cant I get atleast a terrible ilevel 60 item?

Which brings me to your statement(s)on the elite packs. You need to have it looked at again. I have seen things completely off kilter to your statements. I guess I can suffer through the repair bills to get you a screen shot, But I am hoping you got a report writer who can pull the last 500 elite packs spawns off server and how they were arranged?
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