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What was your first computer game?

Manic Miner on the BBC Micro in 1983... started my love of computer gaming.

Other memorable games... Elite on ZX Spectrum, and Dungeon Master on Atari ST.

Why were games so much more fun back then... is it just a romantic idea of childhood, or was it because the technology was so new and exciting? Are we all just spoiled in these days of big budget, movie-like games? /sighhhhhhh :)
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World of Warcraft
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It was something on a TRS-80 provided by my mid-school to improve typing skills. '78 or '79 I believe. If you typed the right thing, in the right amount of time, you were rewarded with simple scrolling animations and a higher difficulty level...

My first "real" computer game was text based on an Apple 2e which we loaded via tape drive. Something about pirates who incessantly "chortled".
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Warcraft 2. I was only 7 or 8 but I loved that game. I managed to beat the original campaigns but I never could beat the expansion campaigns.
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Worm on the Trash-80.
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first game, donkey kong for coleco, was my first console first pc game would have to be ultima.
mmo was ultima online
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Yukon trail and Magic Carpet would have to be my 1st
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Rambo, V,=on ZX Spectrum 48K Defender of the Crown,Commando= on Commodore 64/128, Ports of Call =on Amiga 500&1200, Boulder Dash on PC 8086 8 MHz my first games on computers
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Daggerfall, haven't looked at consoles the same way ever since.
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The first pc game I played is : Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance
Before that I played games on the Atari 2600 and in Arcades.
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Prince of Persia
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I remember the Sierra/Dynamic ACES! flying sim series in DOS/3.0 - I assume this is the oldest game I had because it booted from a 5 1/4" floppy. Then again I remember my dad's friend giving me a 3 1/2" disk that, to this day, probably the ties amongst the best things I've ever received as a gift..

All the Microsoft Encarta minigames
Oregon Trail

I think my first purchase, however, was Warcraft: Orcs vs. Humans.
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Chips Challenge, Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, Outlive, (Having almost same concept as SC), WC2, Operation Flashpoint, Daggerfall. That was about errr 11-12 years ago. Thanks microsoft for your windows 98
Baldur's gate - BioWare.. well pretty good company, successful one. Mass effect? (srsly it's BioWare > EA at this point)
Operation Flashpoint - Bohemia ..ARMA 2? they're kinda good
Daggerfall - Who doesn't know? IT'S 2ND ELDER SCROLL if someone doesn't know..and still..srsly. Bethesda? ofc they're success fallout series, TES win.
WC2 - Blizzard.. Woopsie... "You cannot defeat your own terror~" - Jay Wilson [joke]
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Wow, just looking at the first page of posts I feel old, I think my first game was Pong or Space Invaders...back then my dad wouldn't let me play the computer until I had got my multiplications correct i think, and though I was crap at this he did relent and switch it to spelling and reading lol

@Neillien, Elite...what a classic! Only ever made it to Dangerous I think :p
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I have a feeling that my "first" game was one of those titles where you went room to room in a dungeon setting answering questions but the first one I remember playing was one called shadow caster. I think I was 8 or so when my family got in in 93

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If I remember right. My first one was Age of Empires 2 (pre-expansion), can't remember anything before that.
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