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Vote: What character do I take to Inferno

I have 4 classes right now at about the same point in Nightmare. I decided to level one of each class* to Inferno after my WD died fighting the good fight in Hell (got cocky and the game slapped me).

Here are the general builds I am going with. My guild, the HC community, and myself will have a vote on which character I focus on first (after that I will just choose)

Barbarian: Whirlwind, this character will never back down and will die fighting and not running away, I can assure you.

Demon Hunter: Bowazon, the D3 version, this build uses Caltrops, Entangling Shot, Shadow Power, and Vault as defensive abilities while using Elemental Arrow and Multishot for offense.

Monk: Dual wielding dodge master, that about says it all

With Doctor: Pets, this is as close to a D3 Necro as can currently be made

Let the voting begin!

Edit: The voting will close sometime on Saturday night or Sunday morning. I am going to take a 2 day break and play some Starcraft 2,

* I just could not stand Wizard (hated Sorc in D2) I sold her gear and deleted her in mid-Act 2, sorry Wizard fans.
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Abandon the pet build, and take your WD.
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07/12/2012 12:22 PMPosted by GLHF
Abandon the pet build, and take your WD.

Can't do it, haha

I know the build will essentially begin to die after Act 1 Inferno. My hope is that by then the pets will scale off of Vit to some degree, this is what is causing the issues with them. CC/Pet can work until then though.

Note: If I do decide WD and I get to Act 2 Inferno before Pet changes, I would switch builds... probably, heh,
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Last bump as I get on the bus to go home, hope everyone had a good day at work/home, etc.
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