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So I was replaying the Cathedral level and I decided to bring Kormac along. To my surprise, I still had to rescue Kormac and help him slay Jondar and I ended up having two Kormacs following me. To make things even more bizarre, both started talking to each other as if they were two different persons: Follower Kormac even went as far as to state two Templars were better than one.

It's like... what the hell?
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Same thing happens with all the followers...

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Are you serious? WHAt the !@#$
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Yeah, it's not actually a problem or anything; it's just really weird. Like, why would they do that? It's not funny in a fourth-wall-breaking way and it doesn't provide you with more insight on the followers.
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I think the scoundrel one is comical ;)
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Scoundrel and Templar's conversation with themselves is better than with Enchantress.
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07/14/2012 06:21 AMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
It's not funny in a fourth-wall-breaking way and it doesn't provide you with more insight on the followers.

What? It doesn't break the 4th wall...
From the game perspective, they're just 2 templars... One of them ask the other one what he's doing here, and they talk about how a third templar ( jondar ) betrayed the order.

That thread makes me think, I never got to hear what the scoundrel/enchantress were saying ( templar for life ). Gotta have to try it.
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07/14/2012 09:30 AMPosted by blood
What? It doesn't break the 4th wall...

That's what I said: it's played 100% straight. Hence my confusion.
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The followers are essential to the story when you first meet them. You need Kormac to break the barriers around Jondar, you need Lyndon for the scene with the brigands and the farmer's daughter to play out, and you need Eirena to dispel some illusions.

It would break the flow of the game if they weren't there. That left Blizzard with two options: to completely redo those areas for Nightmare/Hell/Inferno, or to have you "recruit" those followers again. The second option was much easier, so they went with that. The comments the followers make when you have two of them in the same place (like "aren't you from the guild?" or "you must be one of my sisters") are just poking fun at the situation.
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I suppose, but wouldn't it have been simpler to just skip the whole introductory event for the followers and temporarily disable the option of dismissing them if they happen to be already following you? Like, instead of having to rescue Kormac from Cultists, have the latters merely be in the middle of summoning a random Elite monster.
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The Enchantress just exclaims, "She looks strangely familiar...".

They really didn't think a lot of things through.
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WOW! These Templars are twin? No way!
Wow! These Scondrels are twin? No way!
Uhh...These Enchantresses are twin? Really? They look different.
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