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Game Limits Re-Enabled (Updated)

I get punted when I just check to see which public games have the most players, 3 or 4 clicks and input limit reached. Heaven forbid I jump into solo after checking...
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i get the message if i leave a game then click join public game link to fast. then i am forced to log back in.

blizzard never learns this doesn't stop the bots it just effects us players who are playing fairly. the bots will just add delays an carry on like nothing
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Blizzard doesn't intend to hurt the "legitimate" players, so simply let them know when it occurs and the pre-conditions. It is an unfortunate side effect as they try to combat it.

However, I'm not sure there is much difference between a bot and someone who does a 40 second run on a elite, then leaves and restarts.

It isn't meant to "stop" the bots, but to slow them down. Slowing down the accumulation of items too fast for one guy is definitely a good thing for most people in the economy.
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Gunna have to go ahead and claim that their is no game input limit.
574 Sarkoth runs in a row from my buddy last night. Unhindered.

You mean to say you were using that Demon Buddy program reaping your unjust rewards.
You're so obvious about it... Lol

Just to be clear: have you encountered the "Input Limit Reached" message while playing? If so, about how long were you playing and, during that time, about how many games did you create? Estimates are fine.

We don't want these limits affecting normal play, and if they are, we need to know when it's happening so we can fix it.

I have received the message multiple times over the course of the last month of playing...
1. When surfing the AH, I will click the search button
2. When clicking on the different acts (trying to decide what one I want to join)... for the 1st time that day
3. After joining and leaving games (roughly 3-4 games in quick succession) due to being put back into the same game I just left (idle players just standing in town, etc...)

These are all extremely annoying, as all I am trying to do is play a legit game and it seems as though I'm being punished for clicking too many buttons, most of the time not even in a game or even trying to join a game. It seems as though the "input limit reached" isn't just a game creation deterrent, but also a deterrent for clicking through the menu's and game screens.

I don't understand why it's necessary to punish me for trying to decide what game to join or for surfing the AH for my next upgrade. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure about what you mean with the AH.
I just had my razor mouse mash the AH search button a few thousand times with no difference.
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08/07/2012 11:27 AMPosted by Decraon

That's my thought as well.
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08/06/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Lylirra
We don't want these limits affecting normal play, and if they are, we need to know when it's happening so we can fix it.

Haven't played in a couple weeks, but when you guys first introduced the Limit Reach mechanic, I put in a refund ticket right away.

It's absurd to have a set number of games created when this is an online-only game.

My main issue was that I only play(ed) public games to have any fun in D3. However, when joining random public games, I'd be joined with Chinese players, Taiwanese players; players I couldn't even read their names.

Of course since there's no possible communication going on, I would leave the game, remake, and find myself stuck in the situation again.

Eventually I would come across the Input Limit reach block and finally had enough of this terribly thought out game.
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Why not have the buttons randomly change positions on screen each session? If bots are programmed to click certain areas of the screen at the end of their runs to start a new one... move the buttons around.

I don't know if that'd work, but I came up with it in a few seconds.
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Its not Enabled
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I can understand the frustration with getting booted out; have had it done so many times...
And, while I think overall this game turned out pretty well, I can't help but be somewhat disappointed with the level caps... And, no offence meant to any of you, I played the hell out of D2; but very rarely did I play in on line parties; as I very much prefer to play this type of game 'solo'... And, while I do not in any way claim to be good at it, it would be kind of nice to be able to actually progress somewhat in Inferno level; I was hopeful to find, buy or craft some better equipment- but that has not been the case, either... maybe I'm just whining; but several of us 'old timers' where I live are a bit frustrated... Peace
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And what of the people who spent a million plus gold on magic find gear that create games very fast to farm goblins? What did you do to people on DIABLO 2? you restricted the number of games on an ip and would cause the game to lock out if you exceeded that number. Remember what else went down that very day? You lost over half of the population on Diablo2, sadly my friends i am reduced to selling all my gear and laughing at the joke of a game this was, you made us wait for years and for what? A way to scam other people? Exploit another video IGG or Real money AH, to take advantage of exploits? lol i quit d3 and am going back to diablo 2, no lag never a "rubber band" issue that you were supposed to fix and never did, and no !@#$ing d/c deaths on Hard core lol. Well done blizz well done
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Doing 30s runs doesn't engage the limits. whats the point?> ? what are they actually limiting
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What blizzard is trying to say is "we are throttling your farming back because you are cutting our profits by farming to much..
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So what's the deal here? I have reloaded Warriors Rest 100 times and still haven't hit the limit.

Is it not on or is it ultra advanced code that also detects you repeating the same actions to only detect botters.
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It can be tough joining public games when you are below restricted level requirement. When I can't find a public game, I create a game then open to public. Nobody joins but once character levels people join. I was clearing all without difficulty. Blizzard keeps saying again and again this is a social game. No public games exit unless character meets level requirement.
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I your post said to tell you if I reach a game limit. I did once last night. I was not sure what happend until i read the promt that told me i have made to many games. I was try to find a good open public match. I exited from 4 or 5 diffrent game because... well a few reason witch i will lists. The other player were to week and dieing alot, they were just standing around, lastly it started the game at the end of the quest so i just backed out. It was no big deal all i had to do was relog in. Just wondering why public games have a limit. O also I have 3 characters that i keep stuff on so i dont wast space in my stash. I dont know if going back and forth on those would kick me out but It might be worth looking at.

Thanks for asking for feed back.
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08/07/2012 08:50 AMPosted by Kazuma
I get punted when I just check to see which public games have the most players, 3 or 4 clicks and input limit reached. Heaven forbid I jump into solo after checking...

the same here: I was browsing public games to check the number of players, and the "limit reached" warning popped up, followed by disconnection.

edit: I did not joined the games, only checked the number of players.
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This "feature" is what made me quit D2.

Game limits failed to stop bots in D2. Game limits frustrated the living hell out of legit players in D2. Blizzard is aware of both of these things, yet here we are. Amazing.

For those of you that don't understand, think of it this way. People are generally more efficient than bots. They can perform the same run a bot can but more quickly and with more adaptation. The advantage of the bot is that despite the slower pace it can operate for an almost infinite duration. Limiting the number of games that can be created actually lessens the advantage of the human player and exacerbates the botting problem. Don't believe me? Go log into D2 and check out the glory of game limits.
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I can't find my thread nor read anything about achievement hos running into this problem since this implementation. Maybe it's too soon.

Anyone trying to do the "get all the dungeons" achievement and jumping in and out of like the Field of Misery get booted from the game yet?

Cuz that would seriously make me go back to WoW and mope around doing achieves on alts til Mist since I can't kill Inferno Act II, what else am I supposed to do, huh?!?

Found my thread, this was the original question:

Is one of the triggers going to be entering a dungeon more than like a five times (like in WoW)?

What's gonna happen to us dingbats who are playing D3 to do achievements? Sometimes I have to recreate the games a few dozen times to look for a particular cave/tower/dungeon to paint in and then for the NPC to appear? Are we going to be penalized by doing this? I do kill the elites and others in hunt for the vendor but I'm not there *just* to kill the elites.

Can you tell the difference between an achievement ho and a bot? I don't want to get banned for just being an anal-retentive/compulsive. =P
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I'm almost convinced that Blizzard actually wants D3 to fail.
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