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Hey everyone, Ive been streaming my barbarian builds for over a month now and have enjoyed the feedback and helping other barbarians out! I'm currently running a endless wotb build with the sprint cyclones for aoe the talents are in the link above. I am generally farming act3/4 inferno but i occasionally will do other things and or play other games like dota 2 and CS:S / CS:go.

I've made a little over $1500 since the launch of rmah, as well as over 150m gold.

anyways the main purpose to my stream is to help barbarians see other options for specs and have an idea of what to build towards to make the best purchases you can when ah hunting. I personally struggled for a while when i first hit 60 trying to figure out where i wanted to go build and stat wise, I am now 100+million gold worth of various different sets/builds in and feel i can help people make smarter buys and avoid the trial and error! I try to be as interactive with viewers as possible.

also, I do crafting and 5stack boss runs as well as regular kills if anyone is ever interested in those

Thanks again for checking me out and don't hesitate to contact me for any questions

PS Free giveaways every 15 followers! next @ 60 ( last prize was a free cyd/azmo 5 stack run ) (if you follow my stream you get a discount )
Aftermath#1842 Aftermath#1842 Aftermath#1842

Selling 5 stack runs and boss kills!
other bosses can be arranged hit me up ingame


SK 75k no stack 150k 5 stack
Butcher 75k no stack 150k 5 stack
warden/butcher 5 stack combo 200k ( atleast 8+ champs )

Act 2
belial 150k no stack 200k 5 stack
ZK 150k no stack 200k 5 stack

Act 3
siegebreaker 100k no stack 300k 5 stack
ghom 100k no stack 300k 5 stack
cydae 100k no stack 300k 5stack
azmo 100k no stack 300k 5stack
cyd/azmo 5 stack combo run 750k



Flawless star amethyst or ruby 2millon
Perfect star amethyst or ruby 6.3 million
radiant star amethyst or ruby 20m


Exalted grand heavy baldric ( 6 prop mighty belt ) 35 EE 5 IT 10 ToS 92k
Exalted grand pallium ( 6 property shoulders ) 28 EE 5 IT 8 ToS - 90k
Exalted grand massacre axe ( 6 prop mighty 1h axe ) 40EE 5IT 12ToS - 125k
Exalted grand strike wand ( 6 prop wand ) 40EE 5IT 12ToS - 125k
Exalted grand oni blade ( 6 prop 2 h sword ) 45 EE 5 IT 13 ToS - 125k
Exalted grand sagaris ( 6 prop 2h axe ) 45 ee 5IT 13ToS - 125k
exalted grand runic quiver ( 6prop quiver ) 40 EE 5 IT 12 ToS - 125k