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Game freezes then I'm forced to end process in task manager.
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Mine was doing the same thing, so I unistalled it hoping of I reinstalled it that it would help. Now I can't even reinstall the game.

I have no idea what Blizzard messed with when making the 1.03 patch, but ever since the game on my computer went from running perfectly to running like crap.
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Im having similar issues. I was running an older gpu (9800gt) and I thought maybe the fan was starting to go because the game would run for about 2 minutes then just shut down. I ordered a new fan and that did nothing. I ordered a new GPU which I just got in yesterday (550ti) and it still crashed as soon as I started the game. I know its not overheating since I have a program to monitor the temp and its running at a perfectly normal level.

So I figured maybe theres some sort of conflict that Im not seeing so I did a fresh reinstall of windows. I couldnt even install the game off the disk because it would shut my computer down at about 20% complete. Today I just downloaded the client and guess what? It still crashes!! Windows is up to date. Drivers are up to date. It was running perfectly fine on my old card and now out of the blue I literally cannot start the game. I cant even get to the character select screen. Id hate to think it was because of the patch but Im starting to think its either that or I have been hacked. I dont think its the latter. I'm currently reinstalling SC2 just to see if I can run any game at all.
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Mine freezes for about 20-30 seconds, and then tells me i have disconnected, which puts me back to the character screen (at which point party invites start giving me wierd errors, probably due to my client thinking i'm still in the party when i'm not, and so i re-log).

However, once the freeze ends, before clicking "ok" to the disconnect message, i can still see the game running fine again in the background, which leads me to believe the disconnect is due to a lack of response from my client due to the freeze, and the server is forced to conclude i disconnected.

While frozen, the entire OS becomes unresponsive and i cannot even ctrl+alt+delete (however, any music playing in the background will continue to play).

Other than this freeze, the game runs fine for me, GPU doesn't overheat or anything (my settings are all low, max 30 fps).

Edit: This problem has only started appearing after 1.0.3(b, i think), it didn't happen a single time before that. Now it happens on average once per hour or so (usually around the time i've built up 5 NV stacks ><).

I'm on Windows Visa 64 bit, GeForce 260 with latest drivers (updated today).
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I have also been experiencing problems which include the game freezing.

I have played the game since midnight on day one. I had zero problems with the game at launch. I cannot remember having any problems with latency/lag or rubberbanding or freezing/crashing for at least the first month.

I remember problems beginning after patch 1.03 was initially released, I began having minor rubberbanding issues. After that, maybe one to two weeks, I started to have lag issues, mainly lag spikes. Lately the lag issues seem much better for me though.

After version (latest), I did not receive any patch notes, have played everyday since patch. Now today I received patch notes, and then I logged out and logged in a few hours later and it tried to download something and made me restart the launcher because of an error.

My main problem is that yesterday and today, while doing Siegebreaker runs on nightmare difficulty, I have had the game freeze twice. Once was right before entering the area with the Siegebreaker in it, I fired disintegrate with my wizard at a Colossus and the game froze. Tonight, I had got pass the teleport pad/waypoint on my way to the Siegebreaker and I teleported back to town to unload gear and began identifying rares when the game froze again. Had to ctrl+alt+del each time and end task.

Noticed a poster above talk about updated/latest drivers, I have not checked for new drivers since the beginning of June and there are new updates available for my video card and for Windows. I am installing those and will report if this helps.
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 6570
OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit
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I also experiencing game freezing since last night till today. The game was running smooth all the way till nw. It always freeze whenever my character was teleporting or entering caves or tombs.
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Four disconnects tonight, all during champion pack fights.
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Just a small update, but my game has apparently (i've only played for about 2-4 hours) stopped freezing since i applied the latest driver update to my graphics card.

Worth a shot if you haven't done it already, i guess.

Edit: Nevermind. I also tried joining general chat. I'm now crashing more like once per hour or 2 instead of every half hour, so that's good (since the friday maintenance, and since updating graphics card drivers, not sure if either are related though).

But yeah... at any point while playing, the game can just totally freeze up and there goes my NV.
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same issue here--since yesterday the game has become unplayablw with constant freezes right into game crashes.
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Another update, i'm not sure what changed but i've been crashing alot less lately, even hardly at all now. I did update my graphics drivers, but i also crashed once since then as well so i can't be sure that completely solved the problem.

My instincts tell me that it is an overheating issue, as suggested by the sticky post concerning current game problems, and driver updates simply helped (rather than completely fixed) the issue.

So if you're crashing alot, i suggest turning up your GPU fan and updating the drivers.

Edit: Again, it's back to crashing quite often. Cleaned the dust out of the GPU heat sink and turned my resolution down (from native, nooo ><). Guess we'll see if that helps...
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I am having similar problems but only in Act 3. The game neve froze before 1.0.3 and now it always does at the worst times. It froze on me right before Azmodan in A3 inferno with 5 stacks! Might be time to put this game away for a little while because it's getting ridiculous.
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Same problem, happened a couple of times now. Never experienced this prior 1.03.

- latest drivers (GTX 560 Ti)
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