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DirectTV vs Viacom! Ding ding ding!

So Viacom has ordered DirectTV stop showing their channels.

DirectTV refused to pay them 30% more for their channels which translates to bigger bills for customers. DirectTV isn't about to charge their customers overnight for 25 channels when most people may only even watch one of them. Currently all customers do not have nicktoons, comedy central, mtv, bet, spiketv, etc..

I personally am not going to switch tv providers especially when this could happen to those providers as well.

Anyway, curious to see who wins this little battle.
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They'll likely work things out but I am glad DTV is sticking to their guns on this and I hope they don't cave in.

Personally, I hope they don't work things out for awhile. It'll send a message to the Industry that providers and customers will not pay more money for programming that is lackluster, at best. Shows are getting worse ... It's harder to find anything decent to watch and they want to charge you more when you watch less.
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This can all be blamed on advertisements. Less people watch commercials due to DVR's, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc., etc., so advertising time is no longer at a premium. Companies wishing to advertise on television are no longer willing to pay top dollar because their advertisements are no longer being seen on a regular basis due to all the abilities to skip by them.

In turn, the broadcasters are attempting to gouge the providers for increases of up to 400% on their current contracts.

Channels are expensive. ESPN for example, is widely known to be the most expensive channel on cable. Providers pay Disney roughly $5.50-$6.00 per subscriber, for just ESPN alone. That doesn't include all the other ESPN networks, ABC, and all the other channels Disney owns.
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I haven't had cable (or satellite) in years. I've been strictly using Netflix and Hulu Plus since...erm...2007-ish?? Cable is an absolute !@#$ing ripoff.
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