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[Bug] A Rare Phenomenon/Champion's Collection


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I just noticed this today while working on these two achievements.

I killed a subjugator Champion Pack and never received credit for them. I'm not sure what else on this list I'm not going to get credit so I will update it as I go. It seems a few of the champions / rares do not correctly apply credit upon killing them.

Champions I can't get credit for

Rares I can't get credit for
I can also confirm that there are some champion/rare packs that do not register for credit upon killing them. There have been some post created regarding this bug.

I've currently 4,110 Achivement points, 500 hours+ spent accross all 5 level 60 characters. It would seems a little odd of not fullfilling these two achivement at this point.

The unique collection achivement may or may not be bugged, that one is harder to confirm as more of a rare occassion than Champions/Rares packs.

However, myself and other players would really appreciate that someone working in the bug related department can look into this.

Skull Cleaver. Both rare and champion
Which are champions and which are rares? Are rares the blue packs and champions the ones who have minions?

Either way, I can also confirm skull cleaver does not register. I had a blue pack and did not receive credit on either the champion or rare achievement list.
I recently encountered a skull cleaver rare pack as well as a champion pack and managed to get the achievement ticked. The only thing that changed was that this time I did not kill these packs in "the keep depths" during the breached keep quest in act3.

Is it a possibly bug with skull cleavers in that specific dungeon?
dust imp
sand dweller
skeletal sentry
skeletal raider
skull cleaver
mallet lord

^^^ lol...the order of the achievement is out of order too...
it should go:
kill A rare enemy
kill 10 rare enemies
kill 50 rare enemies

but it is backwards...the 3rd achieve is...get this...kill ONE rare enemy!

what the...
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I managed to get the checkmark for skull cleaver in the end (for both champion and rare). I'm not sure if it was a delayed check or if I got it after encountering a champion and rare pack again. However, I do know that, previously, I think I only encountered skull cleavers in the keep depth whereas, this time around, I found them in the battlefield stores I believe.

The only ones I'm still missing are:


Fallen Cur
Deathly Haunt
Skeletal Raider
Armored Destroyer
Skeletal Marauder
Mallet Lord


Dust Imp
Sand Dweller
Skeletal Sentry
Skeletal Raider
Smoldering Construct
Armored Destroyer
Wintersbane Huntress
Skull Sword
Mallet Lord
I am still missing 6 rares and 5 champions as well as a couple more on Hardcore. Some of them i didn't encounter so far, but for now at least

Champion Subjugator
Rare Sand Dweller

are bugged for me as well as a couple more on HC (Collossal Gologor rare etc). There might be a couple more bugged which i got checked in a previous patch but now are broken.
just killed Subjugator champions pack on hardcore and it did not register the kill! I still miss it on both hc/sc version of the achievement... guess there is no point in hunting them while its bugged
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