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Question for tank barb follower??

Im currently in act2 with a tank warb 16k dps and 850-900 all res. 8.5k armor.

Ive spent a lot of time gearing him already and come to the conclusion solo farming > duo+ so why not have a follower?

What is the best follower i should be using? im guessing Enchantress for atk speed and armor?

Also what items should i be getting for her? AH ideas? specific stats etc.

Looking for good well thought info.
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The Enchantress with +15% Armour and +3% Attack Speed buffs are probably the best choice. Her "Forceful Push" and "Erosion" can also do a fair bit of damage if she has high damage output (like over 2k DPS)

The Scoundrel with 60% Slow-on-hit and Triple-Shot with Blindness is also quite useful to break up the mobs and slow them down a bit. Add to that his 3% Critical Chance or +10% damage on critical buff and he is definitely my second choice.

Templar can sometimes "tank" for you, but its mainly his heal and life regen buffs which come in handy. Heal and Guardian will both restore 4.5k life each and loyalty adds 150 life per second regen (which if you have a high amount of regen can help you reach a suitably regen level).

If you get some lvl 60+ weapons you can get them up to "reasonable" damage amounts (I have my followers at around 2k-3k damage each .. and some of their special attacks can do up to 15k - 20k damage).

To be honest though, it is the buffs that you really need and for those to work your follower needs to be ALIVE... and they tend to die very quickly (especially in plague pools or desecration)

So .. go for items which offer:

* High Vitality (for life .. my followers have around 40k life each)
* Resistances (they will need these to stay around near elites)
* Life on Hit for enchantress / Scoundrel as their ranged attacks tend to result in a lot of hits

After that you can start to think about tanking up on damage:

* Templar = Strength
* Scoundrel = Dexterity
* Enchantress = Intelligence

A combination of the above will really help to boost their stats (I have found that high stats have a far greater impact on DPS than the actual weapon they are using).

Ideally you should give them a weapon with at least 700 DPS plus a large stat boost .. but that should be your last priority.
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If you can deck out your Templar, he'll definently save your life in a tight spot. Otherwise, the enchantress does a good job of staying back (I'm a monk) and monsters generally don't mob her so she stays alive well enough to use her abilities and keep up her buffs.
A 1k dps 2h for her doesn't cost that much at all since 2h's are much less favored. Keep in mind that stats on any of a companion's gear are multiplied by 25% (?) so the more int/vit the more it benefits the enchantress
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