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Some ideas about Necromancer in Diablo III.

Hey folks!

I wanted to know what you think about Necromancer in DIII (to be or not to be?) and his possible abilities. Also I would like to share my ideas with you.

Because WD uses posion damage and daggers, I think that the concept of the necromancer will be changed. In contrast to the previous games DIII's magic damage is divided into two types - divine and arcane. I think that Blizzard also add a new type of damage - dark/shadow/unholy (by the analogy with WoW). In this case, necro could use more dark damage than poison. This will make him more like a dark priest or death knight, but preserve his individuality. Also a ritual sickle or kama could be necro's special weapon.

Please, if you really like this topic and if you want to return the necromancer - click on "request sticky" at the top of this page. :)

Here are some thoughts about the possible skills of such hero:

Vampiric Weapon/Reaper/Black Nova.

  • Vampiric Weapon.
    Enchants a weapon with life drain ability.
  • Reaper.
    Attempts to immediately slay a single weakened creature by stripping its soul from its body.
  • Black Nova.
    A ring of dark energy explodes from the Necromancer.
  • Secondary.
    Teeth/Bone Spear/Unholy Breath.

  • Teeth.
    Summons multiple projectiles that damage enemies.
  • Bone Spear.
    Summons a bone missile that can damage and pass through multiple enemies.
  • Unholy Breath.
    Exhales a dark cloud forward that target a single monster and damages all nearby creatures.
  • Defense.
    Dread Armor/Bone Wall/Death grip/Blood Rain.

  • Dread Armor.
    Creates a protective shield of bone that absorbs damage from physical attacks and scares the enemies.
  • Bone Wall.
    Creates a barrier of bone.
  • Death grip.
    Summons the rings of bones to surround the targets.
  • Blood Rain.
    In the specified place pours a healing rain.
  • Necromancy.
    Raise Skeleton/Shadow Invasion/Bone Spirit/Pestilence.

  • Raise Skeleton.
    Raise an undead from a corpse to fight for you.
  • Shadow Invasion.
    Crowds of weak shadows attack the enemies.
  • Bone Spirit.
    Summons a spirit to track and damage a target.
  • Pestilence.
    Corrupts the ground by cloud of plague that infects all nearby enemies that turns into friendly ghouls after death.
  • Curses.
    Iron Maiden/Life Tap/Attract/Dark Containment.

  • Iron Maiden.
    Reflects damage back at attackers.
  • Life Tap.
    Curses an enemy causing them to grant life to their attackers.
  • Attract.
    Causes other monsters to target your enemy.
  • Dark Containment.
    Decreases target's Speed, Damage and Physical Resistance.
  • Pacts.
    Pact of Devotion/Pact of Undeath/Pact of Purge.

  • Pact of Devotion.
    Raises a Golem to fight for you.
  • Pact of Undeath.
    Resurrects a monster to fight for you.
  • Pact of Purge.
    Fills a corpse with energy causing it to explode violently.
  • Symbols.

    Vampire Weapon.

  • Swiftness.
    Increases the attack speed.
  • Blood lust.
    Increases life drain effect.
  • Bite of Vampire.
    You hit the enemy, after that he continued for some time to lose its health.
  • Vampiric touch.
    Your target temporarily falls asleep.
  • Vampiric agility.
    It is very difficult to hit you.
  • Reaper.

  • Souldrinker.
    Also restores necrotic energy.
  • Bless of Rathma.
    Allows using the ability twice before cooldown.
  • Wrath of Rathma.
    The ability can be used when the enemy has 50% of its hp.
  • Banishment.
    Target explodes after the death.
  • Black Mark.
    The ability can be used against an enemy with any health, but it reduces the available health only by half.
  • Black Nova.

  • Unholy splash.
    Increases damage.
  • Necrotic Nova.
    Decreases cost.
  • Dark flash.
    Decreases cooldown.
  • Death wave.
    Increases the damage radius.
  • Black Hole.
    Necromancer creates a black hole, which attracts and causes damage to all who stepped on it.
  • Teeth.

  • Sharp fan.
    Teeth fly in all directions from the necromancer.
  • Painful bite.
    The enemy is temporarily loses control of his actions.
  • Fangs.
    Necromancer shoots big and slow missiles.
  • Rotten teeth.
    The target is temporarily loses health.
  • Teeth trap.
    Necromancer lays a trap on the ground that captures the target and dealing damage until it is destroyed.
  • Bone Spear.

  • Long spear.
    Increases the range of attack.
  • Light bones.
    Increases attack speed.
  • Nail.
    Temporarily stops the target.
  • Venomic spear.
    Poisons the targets.
  • Stream of bones.
    Necromancer attacks by uninterrupted beam of bones.
  • Unholy Breath.

  • Deep breath.
    Reduces casting cost.
  • Long Breath.
    Necromancer exhales three clouds in a row.
  • Mighty Breath.
    Necromancer exhales a big cloud, causing more damage and having larger radius.
  • Second breath.
    Increases attack speed.
  • Fetid breath.
    Poisons the enemies.
  • Raise Skeleton.

  • Skeleton Mastery.
    Increases the hit points and damage dealt by Skeletons.
  • Bone Warriors.
    Necromancer raises Skeleton Warriors (with shields).
  • Skeleton Hordes.
    Necromancer raises more Skeletons.
  • Returned Archers.
    Necromancer raises Skeleton Archers.
  • Undead Mages.
    Necromancer raises Skeleton Mages.
  • Pestilence.

  • Blood Plague.
    Increases health of raised ghouls.
  • Venomous Plague.
    Ghouls gain poison aura.
  • Re-infection.
    Ghouls can infect the enemies by plague.
  • Hunger.
    Increases attack speed of ghouls.
  • Great pestilence.
    Increases number of raised minions.
  • Pact of Devotion.

  • Golem Mastery.
    Increases health and damage of Golem.
  • Ugly Twins.
    Necromancer creates two weaker Clay Golems.
  • Bone Golem.
    Bone Golems have an inherent thorns property, reflecting damage back to attackers.
  • Blood Golem.
    Blood Golems are linked to the Necromancer who casts them. As the Blood Golem damages the target it leeches life, and shares this with the Necromancer.
  • Dark Golem.
    Dark Golems are beings of dark flame. They deal dark and fire damage, heal from dark and fire damage, and have a Unholy Fire Aura.
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    90 Human Mage
    Posts: 28
    they should add the "Knight" class! they did it for the sorceress or "Wizard".

    Yes i miss paladins t.t.
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    Bah, necromancers will be !@#$ in this game.

    Let me preface this by saying I've made a dozen 80+ necro summoners in Diablo 2.

    But the whole thing that was amazing about it in Diablo 2 was that each skill (besides skellie mastery and summon skellie which were given 20's) could have a varied number of skill points to add to it.

    How many for Clay Golem?

    How many for summon resist?

    How many for skellie magi?

    How many for Corpse explosion?

    How many for revive?

    You get the point. But without this variance, it's just going to be "well obviously this rune is the only viable rune for summon skeleton". So every summoner will be the same, so making multiple necromancers will be pointless.

    Good night, sweet Necromancer.
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    Love the idea, I love the art style of the necromancer and despite the WD having a similar playstyle I just can't bring myself to play a hunched over jungle freak when I so loved my victorian/gothic necro so much.
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    bump for more discussion regarding necromancers.
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    this post was made in 8/5/08Although many "Diablo" fans have expressed fondness for the Necromancer from "Diablo II," lead "Diablo III" designer Jay Wilson confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that the character class will not appear in the initial release of the game. When the team was choosing which classes to include in the long-awaited sequel for Blizzard's best-selling action-RPG series, they decided to create a brand-new one -- the Witch Doctor. And with only five classes in the game, "Diablo III" just didn't have room for two curse-dealing, pet-wielding classes. Here's Blizzard's explanation for why the Witch Doctor replaced the Necromancer: "Our approach for classes in 'Diablo III' is that we don't have a strong desire to bring back classes from the previous game," Wilson told me. "The goal is to try and give people new gameplay and not just re-hash old gameplay. We're not just making a 'Diablo II' with updated 3D graphics." "The problem was, we looked at the class and didn't think that we could really make him a lot better," he explained. "We could add some new stuff to him but for the most part -- curses, corpse explosion, skeleton pets -- done. That's the class. We wanted to create new gameplay, so we chose to do the Witch Doctor as a different kind of class." Though the Witch Doctor will have similar abilities to the Necromancer, Wilson didn't want to "have to live by any Necromancer rules." One of the big differences between the two classes is how damage is actually dealt. "If [the Necromancer] dealt damage, it was through corpses laying around or through his pets," he said. "The Witch Doctor, his pets are a little more transient. If you watch the gameplay video, you really notice his pets come and go like crazy. There's a wall of zombies that go away fairly quickly or pets that just kind of blow up willy-nilly. That was intentional -- to try and make him different than the Necromancer." However, for those who are really passionate about the Necromancer, there's still hope to see the class in a "Diablo III" expansion. In fact, Wilson thought that expansions might be a great place to bring back any of the old classes not included, particularly since the team itself had passionate debates on the topic -- almost as much as the game's art direction. "There's a lot of people on our team who aren't happy with our class choices,” he admitted. "But after we've established 'Diablo III' as its own game with its own type of gameplay and experiences, I wouldn't be opposed to looking at old classes. We are trying to design [the Witch Doctor] class so that if we did bring back the Necromancer, there's room for him. We're looking out ahead of time at what our expansions are going to be, so we've got to keep room open for some of those other classes down the road." Wilson added, "It's one of those things where, unless we put like 30 classes in the game, people are going to be unhappy. But if we put 30 classes in the game, we'd hurt the game. I think that of the classes that we've chosen, there will be something for everyone. I'm not worried that people won't be able to find a class that they like to play." "Diablo" fans, does Blizzard's explanation appease you? How do you feel about the Witch Doctor replacing the Necromancer?
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    hears an idea to make the necromancer work in diablo 3 when you want to sum up a skelly every time it cost like 150 or 200 or somthing high amount of mana and it will cost lik 15 or 20 or 30 somthin % of your life so if you spam it to many time to fast you will kill your self. i want the skellys to be as good as there are in 2 to be in 3 to where they last as long as the dont die and they do a good amount of damage and still to waer i can at least make 14 of the sword skelly and 14 mage skelly and 20 reborn monsters that last 120 seconds.and if some wants to make the army build for there necro then they would need to focus on there life and vitality so that would work very well in diablo 3. have like the 1 of the skelly abillty be to where you can summon 3 skellys then the 1 rune would be where you can summon 8 skellys with fire damage then 2 would be you can get 8 that explode when they get killed 3 would be 8 skellys that leave a posion trail behind them 4 would be where you can summon 8 with no life cost 5 would be where you can summon 14 skellys. and there you go necromancer melee skelly move set for diablo 3. then the mage skelly summon 3 spell casting skellys. rune 1 mage skelly 8 of them that shoots out a freeze attk rune 2 8 casting skellys that shoot at a faster rate rune 3 summon8 skelly casters that shoot out long dark magic energy beams rune 4 summone 14 mage casting skellys rune 5 summon 8 casting skellys that throw high damage but slow bone axes . SO PUT THE NECROMANCER IN DIABLO 3
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    Necro will return, I'm guessing. The in game model for it is a big clue much like the assassin making an appearance in Kurast of D2.
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    Here my idea for the Necromancer

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    Without something other than runes to differentiate between necros and their pets what would be the point? Personally, my view points are geared for PvP as that's what i did in d2. I must don't feel like the Resurrection of the necro or even the pally is going to help this game along. I love Pallys but they would be ruined by this game.
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