Diablo® III

Character died.

Was playing my lvl 59 character today. I suspected a lag spike coming. Usually pressing ESC to pause the game for a while works just fine. However, I pressed ESC today, the game paused but after while, this was what I got.


Boom! Disconnected and died. Screw this game. Screw it!
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I would probably not going to play during this 2days since they had a messed up patch..

Lesson Learned : never play after they patched.. at least 24hr+..
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This also happens when you sit in town for too long.
I think it just had something to do with being idle for an extended period of time and isn't so much related to the other "random" disconnect issues people have.

could be wrong though
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There is a timer when you pause the game. After 30 minutes of a paused game, server will disconnect you and send you to the character screen. I think that before the server disconnect you it unpause the game automatically for the 10sec logout to happen. Timeout doesnt occur if the game isnt paused at all anywhere.
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I usually pause for about 10 seconds, it usually does pause and prevent me from lag related deaths.
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doesn't seem legit because you're already dead the moment you're disconnected
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i know exactly how u feel... my HC also just died today to some FREAK game/server lag. i logged in, went into dungeon..saw a pack and started shooting my pri. No animation came out (my latency was full green all the way) so i started running back to hopefully go back thru a portal and my hp just dropped tho nothing was actually attacking me....died and then BOOM dc from server. GG pisses me off....
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Yeah that's because the game didn't pause although the menu was up (usually not the case). When I press ESC to "resume", everything just flashes really quick and this pops up right when the health's low. I wouldn't die so easily, I was just at act 2 of hell with 5000 armor.
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I also lost my char today due to a lag spike.. It's so infuriating knowing that you could do nothing to prevent your death.. Just plain robbed. Granted my chat was only lvl 44, but I was still attached.. One simple disconnect and BOOM. Luckily I only spent about 500k on my setup "alot of that went to lvl 10 craft and max stash".. I feel your pain, my budget it runnin low :-/
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