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HC Barb build post 1.03?

I just started my first HC character (a Barb) and I wonder if you can advise me in a HC safe skillbuild? Since this is my first HC character I have no money to buy some good gear and I will most likely just live of the land since prices on the HC-AH are crazy high. Thanks in advance!
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You want to ride Cleave/Rupture with Ground Stomp/Wrenching Smash for mobs and Bash/Clobber for single targets. This combo will serve you well into Hell difficulty.

Use Revenge with Retribution for healing. You shouldn't need Revenge much through Nightmare, but it's good to have available.

I can't stress enough the importance of Wrath of the Berserker/Insanity- use it only when needed (if you can handle mobs without it, don't use it), and once you're into NM, I suggest not progressing if it's on cooldown so you don't get screwed by Freeze/Jailer.

I'd use Warcry with Hardened Wrath until you get Invigorate at 41.

For passives, I like Berserker Rage for the extra damage as maintaining full Fury isn't an issue. You can use Weapon Master if you're rocking a Sword or Spear for the extra damage. Beyond that use Nerves of Steel and/or Tough as Nails for the extra Armor.

I drop Bash and Cleave for Frenzy/Sidearm and Revenge when Provocation is unlocked at 52, at which point Revenge is your primary damage output. I also like to use Leap/Iron Impact instead of Ground Stomp.

At 60, if you get your base resists to 300+, it becomes worthwhile to use Impunity instead of Invigorate with Warcry.

When searching the AH for gear, you obviously want Vit/Str above all else through Nightmare and once you get to late act 2, you want to start focusing on resist all on your gear. At level 15, you can get a socket on weapons and helms, and adding even a Flawless or Perfect Ruby will add a ton of damage/extra xp. Your ideal setup will be "cheap" items with Str/Vit/Sockets (for Rubies or Amethysts), so when you search AH, I suggest searching for the necessary parameters and then sorting by buyout, checking the cheaper buyouts for anything good.

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if your elective mode isn't on put it on
This is what you do.
Main attack. roll frenzy with sidearm rune as soon as u get it
secondary attack. Ied roll ground stomp with wrenching stomp Or wirlwind with quick movement just to get out of walls ect.
Skill 1.Leap with the armor buff (till 60 switch to stunn on jump)
Skill 2.revenge(spam this all the time when mobs are close) the one with extra health back at first (till 60 use the improve proc chance)
Skill 3.Armor shout (think its warcry) with added HP at first untill 60 go with resist all glyph
Skill 4.Wrath of beserker with insanity glyph( increases damage)

Servers are down and i dont know exact names on passives but ill try
passive1.Reduced ranged damage by 20%
Passive2.Increases armor by 100% of vitality
Passive3.Increases damage when fully enraged (ill explain why)

in this spec you almost just attack with your frenzy and revenge, your spenders Beserker, Leap, Groundstomp are to get away from bad situations by staying at full fury u proc ur passive and do more damage If u do roll a wirlwind spec only use wirlwind to get away from corners walls ect.
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