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Message from Mike Morhaime

Heh a month ago this would of already been up to 30 pages.
Mentioning the AH in the PvP section makes me sad.
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As predicted, a carrot in a nice wrapping.

Too little, too late
(Actually, its nothing, just a big wall of words)

And no apology
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good God so much fluff just to get to the 2-3 things they're working on which aren't all that great to begin with.

I'll believe the build diversity when I see it. And as for the AH... just lol. It sure sounds great when you guys talk about it, but you never mention that loot in game is tied to what's available on the auction house.... so that in itself trumps all the positive things you try and say about it being "optional"

Amen to that, I'll believe it when I see it as well. There is nothing here that we didn't already know. One thing that didn't get addressed is the "item hunt" and why a lot of the items as they drop presently, are trash. Also, where has Jay Wilson been hiding? Even Ghostcrawler who people loathed (and probably still do) takes the time to address the playerbase.
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./yawn.........lies this game will be dead as hell before we get our next blue post haha


words im afraid of = balance , patches, update, = nerfs
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Thanks! :)
So was this long winded post by Mike trying to make a point?

No one will remember if the game is late, only if it's great.
Ball has already been dropped by Blizzard, I am no longer a supporter of the company.
TY - Appreciate the update, and the response to the concerns of the players.

My biggest concern is that right now the AH effectively breaks gameplay. Artisans become almost useless when you can buy commodities on the AH for cost. Strategically, it never makes sense to salvage items when you can always buy crafting materials for less than what you can vendor your items for.

I know 2 years from now this game probably will be very different from what it is now - and thats what I appreciate about Blizzard, always supporting what they create.
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Currently the carrot does not exist.

The carrot is a lie.
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