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Here's my story, 138 pages in...

Unfortunately, Diablo III is the game I played first in the series. I have yet to go backward (I tend to do that with many games for some reason...) and try Diablo II. Real life friends that had a computer back in the day before me played the Diablo games and loved them. I was influenced by their excitement to get this game.

Somehow, some way, two months after release, I still had no clue what the game was about. I just got into PC gaming - I've been a console gamer all my life. Somehow, I heard how D3 was amazing, blahblahblah. So I bought it out of hype. It certainly is fun for a while, and as a newcomer to the online-only framework, I raged....for the first time ever. Server lag. Rubberbanding. Maintenance that renders my game unplayable? No offline singleplayer? LAN? ...nothing? What exactly took up 15gb of my hard drive?

Granted, I could have done a little research. Instead, I trusted the excitement of hardcore fans, my friends. I truly feel cheated, restricted and as a gamer from the late 80s to present, feel that the game is hindered by this so-called real money auction house. The letter tells me the game was built around it and everything I read so far about the Diablo games sounds like such a thing should have never existed in the first place.

I continue to play games from the past, pre-DLC, pre-expansion pack because back then, games were complete. If software was easily refundable, I would have returned it by now.

Offline mode. LAN.
Either one of these would be appreciated. No one should be forced online for services they choose not to use. I intend on playing the game and not use the RMAH because I never spent a real dollar on something that should be readily available in-game. I hate dying because of server lag (and yes, I my connection is good, if not great).

I really wanted to like this game. I really did.
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There is one positive side to this game:

For the first time I couldn’t care less if my account got hacked!
To: Mike Morhaime

1. Hire a team to manage the auction house prices. Ever wonder why people go to third parties? I don't care what happens, get a research team in there and figure out why people dont like it.

2. Stop it with trying to balance the characters for PvP. There is no such thing as BALANCE if you don't have end game items thats reasonably obtainable like in D2. The person with the higher DPS is still gonna win. And if people aren't allowed to use their gear in PvP then I'm sure you already know the answer to that. Theres already this so called balance. Its called League of Legends. At least in that game I know that if I died It was because i made a mistake or didnt use the right strategy. Not because the game was thought to be balanced but the other guy was still OP in DPS because he spent an extra 400+ hours on the game.

3. Teleport needs to be fixed. Should be allowed to go through walls. The mighty wizard seems a lot worse than the sorceress.... and WTHell with the cooldown on teleport?

4. Better drop rates please. Many people have work for a living just like everyone else who works at blizzard. We DON'T have countless hours to spend on this game just to see a 10k DPS improvement. This is also how you'll lower prices in the auction house. Supply and Demand.

5. If you want people to keep playing this trash of a game. Give us a F'ing damn reason too. Start giving us the changes we want to see. This game is so boring I wish I had bought a real copy from the store so I can break the damn disk in half.

6. Sorry for being harsh I feel cheated out of 60 bucks that could have been better spent elsewhere. I'm sure a lot of others agree. This game sucks.
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I love this game, but want more goodies in next patch.

I can't wait for first expansion.

Keep up the good work, I appreciate your message to us, Mike.
The game is not rewarding
08/02/2012 06:33 PMPosted by Mobeus

I'm glad I didn't get the same game I already have installed with a graphics update. I wouldn't have been happy if I had paid $60 dollars for D2 LOD version 2. Show me some numbers that support your claim. All I see is that trolls will troll. D3 is an action rpg in the spirit of the two games that came before it that has built on what worked and dropped what didn't. It needs some fixes sure, but if "most" of the people had D2 and weren't just trolls then they would be playing D2 rather than wasting time on the forums being rude.

Or the TL;DR version if you had D2 and wanted to play D2 why did you buy a new game?

It's like you are reading what we post, but not taking it in. We want the basics that made D2 so great and replayable, but an updated game for 2012.

1. Set items and legendaries that are geared towards builds. Would have liked to see a difference in a whirlwind specced barb vs. a frenzy built barb. It would have been great to see items that you pick up and its not great for every possible build, but more towards 1-2 of your skills.

2. Resistances and immunites on enemies. That would have fit in great with changeable skills, a fire immune mob could be less of a wall if your wizard could change to a different set of skills on the fly.

3. Stats, they have a purpose now, getting dex for a barb isn't totally useless, but no one in their right mind would chose that or int over str. If they created the builds a bit better, we may have seen skills that would be more powerful with dex for the barb, and it would have been viable to build a dex barb than just strength ones.

I didn't even see what you posted before. My original reply was to a list that was over 20 items long that described D2 with its expansion almost exactly, not a few changes that may be fun.

I think you have some great ideas there. The immunities is one of my favorites. I remember them being a pain in Diablo 2(physical immunes on my barb, monsters immune to both my elements on my sorc.) With the ability to switch skills they could be fun.

The one thing I would really like to see is a command for not picking up items without pressing a key. I play HC and would hate to die because I picked up an item when I wanted to attack a monster.
I fully understand the desire to play Diablo III offline; however, Diablo III was designed from the beginning to be an online game that can be enjoyed with friends, and the always-online requirement is the best way for us to support that design.

No, no you don't "fully understand", and this, along with the way we've been treated in World of Warcraft, leads me to believe that Blizzard just doesn't want me to play their games.

I'm just not your kind of gamer.
Mr Mike Morhaime

No offline mode because it critical to the integrity of the game? What about all the BOTS that have destroyed the economy and Auction Houses,how do you make that statement with a straight face,your game has made a fool out of legitimate players.

There's no integrity in this game as it's been destroyed since day one.
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The prices in the AH make it a gold farming game. Since the only way to make it through Inferno is epic gear and the AH is 10 million gold for those items its gold farming, not game play. The increase in repair cost and extended hold for dying is a brilliant way to drive people out of the game. I am not willing to spend hours gold farming to buy 1 item so I might be able to make it to the next telport pad, and crawl my way to the next act. Its great that so many are willing to spend hours getting millions of gold but for the casual player D3 looses its enjoyment after Hell level.
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On the flipside, we are also committed to ensuring you have a great experience with Diablo III without feeling like the auction house is mandatory, which was never our intention.

The auction house feels mandatory to me since my magic find isn't over nine thousand....just kidding, but seriously.
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where`s the fun patch
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Really appreciate the work you guys do. :D

Can't wait for all the cool improvements to come. xD
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Mike Moron,

Not a fan of the wall text.

137 pages of some good and some bad responses ideas and feed back and not one single blue response...

does that explain to any of you how much blizz is listening...

They need to loose money. A lot of money. But it's not going to happen so...
We just have to forget how fun was their games, and move on.
I totally lost any piece faith in this company.

A French guy used to be a hudge fan of Blizzard's games, very disappointed.
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Well, don't know if youll be reading this, mike, but ill suggest something anyways. Make ONE LEVEL the way the "dark/d2 die hards" want it. Just one dungeon. Put it out as a beta, and see if people like it. See if people play it over and over. See what the reaction is.

I was worried that the game was in trouble from the beginning gameplay videos. It just didnt look like diablo should. I remember playing diablo 1 in the dark and being creeped out at how scary it was to play. It really felt like you were descending into hell and battling with the most grotesque, vicious, deformed, and brutal entities the evils had to offer. Bear in mind, that was in the days of crappy graphics. The spirit of the game is lost. It is not a comic book, it is not WOW. Diablo is supposed to be a descent into a hellish experience, like a horror-survival story. In D3, I dont care about beating the demons or ridding the world of evil. Its just item grinding. The story is so thin, and the voice acting is laughable. I just wish you had listened AND taken to heart what your loyal customers were saying instead of trying to reach a new market.

I bought the game anyways, knowing it would probably not be worth it. And after a few weeks, it just seemed so useless to keep playing that i stopped. I havent gone back. I cant get a refund.

Please dont do the corporate thing and try to save face by pretending it isnt bad. We live in the era of the BP OIL spill. We see through all this PR garbage. Just make amends by producing what we all said we wanted in the first place. Just TRY. Get back to the values that built this company and we will support you.

Heres another drop in the bucket. For what good who knows.
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