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Not trying to necro this thread, but un-stickying leads me to believe the issue is either closed, or there's newer info. What did I miss.
They are hoping we will just forget all about this.
We wont.
A PR department bars our way...

...but the will of the forum is stronger!
You know what the problem is with this game?

Its not very good.

Everything that made D2 great with endless replayability is everything that was on the list of "grievous errors to fix in Diablo 3." While the game may have been developed with good intentions, unfortunately it was a swing and a big miss.

It is sad to see one of the greatest franchises in PC gaming history devolve into Activision Auction-Craft. Much like how dupehacks were conveniently overlooked in the later stages of D2 1.1x to encourage continued play, auction-bots and other exploits are being allowed to run so people can profit from their use via RMAH. This is good for Blizzard + Paypal since they get a cut of each item sold - and if people are botting the AH, so what? Take a cut from the profits, ban all botters in a few months time, wait for botting to start up again, take another cut from the profits, ban them again after they paid 60$ for a new license. It doesn't matter if this is ethically sound or not - what matters is that this very second, botters are profiting on the RMAH which means Blizzard is too. You can say how this is illegal and against the EULA all you like - just answer the question. Do botters have an unfair edge on the RMAH? Yes. Are they able to sell their illegitimately-gotten gains on the RMAH? Yes. Does Blizzard take a cut of the profits when these illegitimately-gotten items are sold? Yes.

Call it a conspiracy theory all you'd like - the bottom line is what we're left with. Botters are making money on RMAH, which means Blizzard is too. Its not a fun game. Everything that made D2 fun has been removed and this game has found critical and financial success on the mere basis that it had the pedigree of the Diablo franchise behind it. I will stop short of saying "payola" - but honestly, who is going to give a poor review to a Blizzard product?

You should be ashamed of yourselves, Blizzard. You have abused your status and pedigree within the gaming community to pawn off an unfinished product whose primary function is to process microtransactions.
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You should be ashamed of yourselves, Blizzard.
Uh... does this mean Bliz is no longer committed to this message?
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