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Message from Mike Morhaime

Thank you for the post Mr. Morhaime. Some of us players were begining to feel like we were getting ignored. We are glad you are listening to us. keep up the good work.
Please, look into the trading system too!
Thanks for addressing us.
Love some feedback from Blizzard. I'm a bit sad you don't add more feedback like this, where you identify what you see as problems you're working on. Might make people repeat themselves a bit less in forums as I think most people reads the Blizzard posts looking relevant.

Looking forward to see if you manage to fix stuff in patches, but to be honest, I'm having trouble seeing how you are going to manage to fix the issues with fairly minor updates.

My issues with the game is threefold:
- Droprates of interesting gear are too low for grinding to be remotely interesting. Both because of very low chance of finding an upgrade (compared to D2 and what I'm willing to accept in order to have fun and waste time on the game), but also because all gear is boring minor updates of other gear, so even a decent upgrade doesn't get you excited.
- Levelling didn't really interest me, as there were no permanent choices. Didn't even have to change abilities as all of them scale.
- Overpowered boss packs with loads of abilities that just feels like cheating mobs shouldn't do, that are either impossible to handle or require very quick reflexes and mouse skills ruin, ruins the game for me. I'm all for tactics require thinking at higher difficulty levels. But they should be about thinking and not mouse/reflex training.

First one I don't think you'll getting close to fix. The boring upgrades are there to control balance in PvP I reckon. The low droprates are there to ensure AH isn't filled with best in slot gear for cheap prices too quickly.

Second issue you've made to ensure casual players don't need to replay, pretty much saying that when you have finished playing through once, there is no reason for you to do it again. Maybe replay with another class, but that doesn't really appeal to me either as class mechanics are so equal, likely to ensure PvP balance is fairly easy. Thus, obviously, people won't play the game as much as D2 as there aren't any reasons to replay.

Third issue you might do something with but I doubt it. You've already stated inferno is not for solo play so I doubt you'll try to ensure that all content should be doable solo. In fact you've done the opposite by introducing rage timers, so if I find a way to get past something that's close to impossible for me solo, it might be ruined as I run out of time. I don't think I'll bother with partying. Don't want to play with strangers, and partying with friends is hard just to find common time to play, but also to have characters at about equal place progression wise. Also all the metagaming involved in using AH ruins it. In D2 I could make a new character to play with a friend, thinking I'd test out a new build, but why would I want to here? It's a massive undertaking for no gain compared to just altering abilities on my main.
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Dear Mr. Morhaime,

Thank you for your letter. I, and I would assume many others, are pleased (relieved?) to finally hear something of substance acknowledging your customers' concerns. I don't think the vitriol in the forums would have progressed as much had the CM's (Bashiok, et al.) been more forthright and less condescending, and had the lead designers not been so arrogant and presumptuous.

Unfortunately, many of the game design decisions punish the players for playing the game which, in my opinion, reduces the enjoyment of the game substantially. I have for the most part given up playing, especially since Legendary items and Set items aren't going to be retroactively buffed while the Increased Attack Speed items were retroactively "nerfed" is again, punishing the players. Many of the decisions that have been made recently only seem like knee-jerk reactions without fully acknowledging the consequences.

My friends and I had misgivings and were concerned about the requirement to always be online to play. Internet connections still aren't always reliable, but they have been imminently reliable compared to the appalling availability of the Diablo 3 servers that you require us to use in order to play. Even two months after release, last week the server up-time was around 80% with all of the "scheduled maintenance" down times 4 of the 7 days. That is exceptionally poor performance. That doesn't even take into account the lag spikes and the constant "rubberbanding" issues that have on many occasions killed my character.

I don't know how many other players are like us, but we only play with people that we know in real life or occasionally freinds of friends. We have our own demon hunting clan that we have honed since the Diablo 1 days. We hunt in a pack, and we read each other's movements, and have our own unspoken strategies. Unspoken because there was no VOIP back in the Diablo 1 days, and trying to type while avoiding acid spitters was tantamount to death. When we originally heard of an "economy" in Diablo II, we laughed. We never traded with anybody else, we never purchased items from the grey/black market. We used what the game provided us. So the Auction Houses in Diablo 3 are, in our minds, 100% superfluous and distracting the devs from addressing real game-play issues.

Which leads me to... game-play issues... It's difficult to know where to begin. First off, I believe the game has been polished so much that it's bland. It's like going to a friend's barbeque, taking the burgers, brats, steaks, shish kebobs, buns, ketchup, mustard, steak sauce, watermelon, cantaloupe, chips, lemonade, and beer and sticking it all in a blender for an hour then trying to drink it. It's homogenous, bland, and very difficult to stomach without vomiting it back up. No system in the game has a flavor any longer.

We, as players, aren't allowed to allocate attribute points. So we didn't build our characters, you took that away from us by doing it for us. We, as players, are no longer able to build or allocate skill points to focus on a particular play style that suits us or the character that we're building. There is no right or wrong way to build a character when we are in charge because that's what we're doing... building characters, not cookie cutter manequins. I personally love playing quirky characters such as a gnome wizard with 18 Int and 2 wisdom. Super powerful magic, absolutely NO common sense that tends to light her surroundings and companions on fire, or casting grease in the middle of delicate diplomacy situations. You couldn't make something like that with 5 standard preset classes which is what you've given us.

The skill cool-down after changing a skill is punishing the player. It's a stupid mechanic and punishes us for being adaptable to our environments. It needs to go. The health-potion cool-down is stupid. I'm sick and tired of hearing my Demon Hunter blandly sate "That wouldn't be wise." when running for my life from a stupid combination of Elite Champions. No, actually, that would be VERY wise at the moment. The wait for town portal to activate breaks the flow of the game. The wait to identify items breaks the flow of the game. The time to combine gems slows the flow. The time to craft items at the blacksmith slows the flow. Far too much of this game is waiting and in turn, boring.

Also, not being able to dodge attacks by moving out of the way or strategically standing behind an enemy also punishes us for being adaptable.

Co-op multiplayer: We have at least six people that would love to play together, but the focus on "flashy" spell effects apparently made things too confusing so you limited the number of players to four. Can we please get more players in a game? Everybody now has their own loot drops. Meh, okay. We can live with that. Now why in blazes is our magic find averaged between all the players? If I've got 150% magic find and my items drop for me, why should I be punished when a friend only has 5% magic find and his items only drop for him? You want us to experiment between different skills? Why punish us by removing nephalem valor (which we've earned by defeating elite packs like you want us to) when we change a skill? Again, being punished for A) being adaptable to our environment and B) by playing the game like you want us to. There's no over-arching logic to it. You're trying to "Fix" things for what I would imagine would be a small sub-set of players and damaging the game for the rest of us.

So please, stop refining the "experience" as you've mentioned more than a couple of times and focus on the game. Give it some flavor.

Due to the Community Managers sparse and troll baiting posts, the conceited attitudes of the designers, and the current general state of the game, I have lost faith in Blizzard. I have actively recommended that friends skip playing Diablo III because of all these issues. There are far too many high-quality and fun other games vying for our attention these days. You guys are going to have to earn our trust back. Blizzard isn't the only game in town anymore.

Sincerely, a long-time Diablo player.

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Thanks for the post. I have enjoyed the game to a point and then got bored. I was one of the many on launch night trying to login for hours. I made a demon hunter, found a good build to level with, and by the time I made it to Inferno your team nerfed one of the main defensive skills without buffing anything else to compensate. I dried my tears and kept playing. My friends and I never played together as we leveled since usually we were all 10 levels apart due to scheduling. Once we reached 60 it was pointless to play together because we were too undergeared and the monsters were way overpowered.

How does this make for a good online experience in your eyes? I'm not one of those who would beg for an offline option, but what is the point of playing online, lagging for a split second, and dying to random crap? And "a split second" is a very generous statement given the apparent integrity of your networking capabilities. I never played with my friends even with the monster nerf. We did chest runs for a while but then you nerfed that too. Now after all the nerfs, I _still_ don't play with friends because they have less magic find than I do. Way to go pooling the stat in the group -_- So after weeks of not playing with friends, who would have guessed it, none of my friends are online anymore. Well, some are back in WOW, but most have just left this game in the dirt.

The auction house system is a complete joke at the high item levels. Searching for three affixes is ABSOLUTE FAIL. Not being able to sort by ending time is FAIL. The components are RIGHT THERE INFRONT OF YOU, WHY CAN'T YOU MAKE THEM WORK??

In order to keep a balance between the GAH and the RMAH you need to lower the floor TO ZERO for buying gold. The market will take care of itself, just let it fluctuate for a few days. Subject anyone with over 100 million gold (touched at any point in time, not just what's in their inventories) to some kind of short and simple audit to see if they are botting. If you impliment the no-minimum value to gold, the botters won't have any fun once they realize that they are only making 25 cents an hour because they flooded the market, so just let the floor drop out on them. They will just buy some big gold items on the AH, but what that will do is put their gold into the hands of other players who will in turn use it as intended. Inflation will happen, but if you had thought of any viable gold sinks in the game (useful vendors anyone?) this wouldn't be a problem. Potion vendor - 500k for a flask of magic find. Never ending health potion (limited to one session, leave game its gone) - 250k. Potion of increased resource regeneration - 500k. Instantly better gold sinks than raising repair costs.

An auction "sudden death" option would be nice for the end of a non-buyout auction. Anyone who has bid on the item within the last hour is given a message that they will go into "auctioneer mode", like a real auction, where they place bids until "Going once, going twice, SOLD!" This can give some added value to hot items, instead of the item going to the person with the fastest bot.

You guys have done great so far, but there are some areas that are VERY LACKING. Would play again, but right now its just boring and tedious and annoying.

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Patch 1.0.4 will also include new and improved Legendary items that are more interesting, more powerful, and more epic in ways you probably won’t be expecting.

Will I still be able to tell what stats the items have before identifying it? That's a pretty useful epic botch on your behalf.
This blue post just brought hope back for d3. It was a very professional apologetic type speech, while maintaining being informative. +1
07/19/2012 07:31 AMPosted by RevZempoe
Will I still be able to tell what stats the items have before identifying it? That's a pretty useful epic botch on your behalf.

You must be mistaken, he clearly said there have been no cracks found in this game.
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Add in an ''off-line'' or ''invisible'' mode. It is absolutely mandatory in a heavy social interface.

Please :)
Dear Michael Morhaime,

Seeing the president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment issue an official statement on player forum is a sign that Diablo reputation is being taken very seriously after all.

Your message allows me to look in the future of your product with more optimism.

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There is no point in playing this game when anyone can just buy the best items for real money.

Because of the RMAH, there is no point in fixing a pointless game.

Unless the RMAH is removed, the game is pointless which is why I don't play it.
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One can only hope that they'll actually listen to us.
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How fast did someone get this on Wikipedia? wow

On July 19, 2012, Morhaime publicly apologized for Diablo 3's poor reception by the Diablo brand's diehard followers. He stated that his team were actively working on improving it through patch 1.0.4. [6]

Now thats crazy funny to me:
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Thanks Mike! The game is great and I love to see it grow. Your post excites me for the future :D
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To those complaining about 'every drop I get sucks, buff the drop rates', you have to realize you only think that because you see the 'best' items on page 1 of the auction house. And those items came from drops that players have got. So how does every drop suck? Maybe in comparison to THAT item, YOUR drops have sucked.

If everyone got 'good' loot, the AH would be flooded with said 'good' loot. And then that 'good' loot wouldn't be so great anymore, if everyone else had it too, would it?

The difference between d2 and d3 is that you can see what everyone else has got and instantly judge and compare your item drops to peoples' on the AH. I know there are a LOT of d2 players but there is also probably close to just as many complaining about their drops.

And before anyone says it, the auction house is not the flaw, it's many peoples' way of thinking towards items that is flawed; you wouldn't know the difference if you never saw it.

if everyone got "good" loot the economy would balance itself out instead of this hyperinflation we see now.

i could get all the drops on d2 because i didnt play it with people on the internet, just lan... so we werent out to screw each other.

the auction house isnt so much the flaw, it is the sole entity the game is based around. if the economy is whacked, why hell, just whip out your credit card and buy you stuff on the RMAH... this may not be the reasoning... but it is the PERCEPTION... and PERCEPTION trumps REALITY any day, especially with so much momentum behind it.

whoop de doo they sold 7 million copies... how many are still playing... i am stubborn, but i am also not that stubborn. 2 weeks of farming a1 inferno and have not upgraded a SINGLE item yet from drops. and 2 months of playing, found one ONE ONE!!! crap set item and not a single legendary....
Wow Neth (and Mike), thanks for this post. I was just about to post a 500-word post that touched on a number of these issues. I won't post it anymore, but there are still some sections I'd like to put forward :

1) I just feel like I have no options while I play. It’s « play Act I until you can do the rest ». I’ve been there for almost a month now though. Am I doing something wrong? Does it ever get any more interesting? There’s nothing to do. This kind of feels like a beta. The quests feel unimportant and serve the same purpose D2's waypoints did. So why even have them? Why not just have waypoints and save me clicking on the quest givers.

2) The Blacksmith feels like a glorified and more expensive Gheed. I never really liked Gheed that much in D2. Though once in a while I'd try my luck. Never got lucky. /shrug. I can roll dice in my basement if I want, and it wouldn't even cost me electricity.

3) Lack of depth after the first playthrough. Don't get me wrong, the first playthrough was pretty great. Visually it was awesome. Seeing the availibility of the skills was alright (I still prefer the old tree-style of D2 though). The NPC dialogue was usually good (though some characters are stupid beyond belief, and that leaves a sour taste in my mouth as a player). This point is kind of connected to my first one I guess, but I feel like I'm on traintracks. The game is telling me where to go, and not really giving me any choice. Not a whole lot to explore.

4) I’m stuck farming act I because when I hit champion or elite packs in act II I get the !@#$ kicked out of me to the point where it’s costing me all my gold. I did manage to beat all the bosses eventually and get into Act III (I heard it was easier to farm because of the types of mobs) but I was wrong (rightly so).

So the problem? Well, I’m not having fun. At all. I played WoW pretty seriously a number of years ago and stopped because of the grind mentality that had settled in (grind your dailies, grind your heroics, grind your profession CDs). I’m finding D3 to be even worse because when you grind, you’re not even really assured that anything good will come out of it. Sure, I’ll get some gold, but not enough to do anything that feels useful. I’m getting items, but very very rarely (I think once since I started playing this game) have I ever been able to sell an item for over 100 000g. Given the fact that my upgrades cost at least 200 000 now, it gives you an idea of how long it takes to farm. Never mind getting an upgrade for myself while farming. I gave up hope on that.
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