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Nice P.R. letter. I'll personally have to see these "proposed changes" happen before taking anything that was said at face value. Once the poster said "1.03" in a positive way I cringed. A lot of Kool Aid drinking still being showed in that letter. A lot of talk, a lot of promise. Will that bring back all those people who are no longer playing? We will have to wait and see.

Overall decent response, a bit late, but it still worries me that comments like praising 1.03 and saying the rmah isn't intentional are in this message.

I'd like to thank the fans and customers who were not censored for saying the exact thing that had my comments deleted and banned.

Thank you for showing that hundreds upon hundreds, upon hundreds of you feel that the Rmah being needed is fact. And that the positive outlook of 1.03 patch makes you cringe.
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07/19/2012 05:12 AMPosted by Tanker
So, no direct response to the "item hunt" being the "garbage hunt" and so many have concluded to be futile. I am one maintenance Tuesday from quitting myself. If there is no item to find, there is no reason to play. The ilvl 63 drops are trash. Please address this with specifics.

You realize the reason that those occur is because of the sheer lunacy at the amount of items that drop in general right? If even 10% of the yellows that dropped were useful then everyone would skip the AH and no one would keep playing because they'd have maxed out all their gear.
They're alive and listening after all...
Looking foward to this!!
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...I don't get it. He didn't really say much in terms of information that we did not already know...

Whats the point of this?
In this case we will remember the game was late and it wasn't great.
Haven't logged in for about 3-4 weeks now, but had to whip out the authenticator on my phone while at work for this post.

I appreciate someone from the Blizzard staff finally coming forward, admitting faults, and setting a few goals for us to look forward to. You see 90-95% of posts covered with spiteful and hateful remarks towards Blizzard, because with your background and reputation, it was honestly pretty horrible of you guys to put out a game that had so many flaws and was so broken. I am VERY pleased to see you stepping up and saying the game was not perfect on launch and is still far from perfect, and you know you guys have a lot more work to do.

I really hope to log into Diablo 3 again some day and enjoy it like I did when I was leveling up.
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So Patch 1.0.4

"You’ve seen some of that work already in patch 1.0.3, and you’ll see additional improvements with patch 1.0.4. "

that part scares me :S

This scares me too, if 1.0.3 was "work" then additional improvements after 2 months.. hmm
So Blizzard is OK with 99.9% of the loot being vendor/shard trash? Well that's disappointing.
posting in epic thread!! cmon patch

edit: btw can yous add a test server so the players can test and find bugs before yous throw patchs out :)
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lol. I donno about you guys but to me that post was just writing out history of sales in D3 and pointing out bunch of obvious things.

Don't know why you guys are getting so excited over this.
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I haven't log on in diablo 3 for 3 weeks now. I'll wait for that 1.0.4 if its still garbage blizzard just s..cks. also your MF needs to be adjust for the chest and pots.
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Dear Mike Morhaime,

I love you. :) I understand if you have to delete my comment or whatever actions have to be taken, but I just think you should know: I seriously love you. I'm glad I got to meet you at BlizzCon 2011 and shake your hand, even though you were on your way out of the crazy end-of-BlizzCon party. You don't have to rationalize your sweet game to me, I know you guys never quit.

Alan Tremonti
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