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So, no direct response to the "item hunt" being the "garbage hunt" and so many have concluded to be futile. I am one maintenance Tuesday from quitting myself. If there is no item to find, there is no reason to play. The ilvl 63 drops are trash. Please address this with specifics.

You realize the reason that those occur is because of the sheer lunacy at the amount of items that drop in general right? If even 10% of the yellows that dropped were useful then everyone would skip the AH and no one would keep playing because they'd have maxed out all their gear.

If it only would be like 0.5% it would be nice.. ;)
Interesting and promising post, thank you Mike.
Haven't logged in for about 3-4 weeks now, but had to whip out the authenticator on my phone while at work for this post.

I appreciate someone from the Blizzard staff finally coming forward, admitting faults, and setting a few goals for us to look forward to. You see 90-95% of posts covered with spiteful and hateful remarks towards Blizzard, because with your background and reputation, it was honestly pretty horrible of you guys to put out a game that had so many flaws and was so broken. I am VERY pleased to see you stepping up and saying the game was not perfect on launch and is still far from perfect, and you know you guys have a lot more work to do.

I really hope to log into Diablo 3 again some day and enjoy it like I did when I was leveling up.

They haven't said anything they haven't before...

There is no apology here or acknowledgement of a botched design. They're just pilfering around with the vague 'it had some problems, but we'll fix them'. They fix the game every few weeks with patches that continue to drive the franchise and their reputation into the ground.

They said they were concerned with the feeling of 'necessary xAH use' - that's rubbish. It was an intentional design to encourage you to give them more money. If they really cared about the player and how they felt when they progressed in the game, they would never have put in the xAH systems.
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Definitely has more cred when the Big Cheese is behind it. Imagine if the devs had posted the same message. lol
lol. I donno about you guys but to me that post was just writing out history of sales in D3 and pointing out bunch of obvious things.

Don't know why you guys are getting so excited over this.

your right
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AWWW CURSING FILTER WHY. Those bad words were there for a reason!! >:I Kidding. Still love you.
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Thank goodness we finally got some sort of update.

Was getting the feeling nobody cared about Diablo anymore...
For patch 1.1, Please let us decide if those are skills improvements or not

-DH main who's still playing after screwed over twice
Dear Diablo Players,

On the flipside, we are also committed to ensuring you have a great experience with Diablo III without feeling like the auction house is mandatory, which was never our intention. Thank you for all the feedback about that.

Mike Morhaime

If this is even a little bit true why are the drops insufficient to play through the game. Many of us have to spend more time "Playing" the AH then we do playing the game. And "if" its not your intention what are you going to do to change it?

And on a second note, get some mods in here to clean up the forum. There are WTS trade post all over the place. Clean it up!
Wow. It seems they are finally "getting it".

Most of it was the whole "Error 37" thing, which didn't need to get addressed anymore since it seems that the servers are stable.

I like the mention of "build diversity". I hope they make Battlemage, or Trap DH competitive (not just viable).

I also like the Legendary items fixed.

The social and achievement improvements are nice as well.

Not really keen with focus on GAH (search improvements, etc.), but it is a game for some players, so it's good overall.

Now, the mention of GAH/RMAH not being mandatory anymore is a good sign that the game is heading in the right direction. I've a feeling that they're going to make stuff drop like it's raining candies that it will devalue everything. The only reason one would buy in the GAH/RMAH is for the easy and quick convenience, and not really mandatory.

I'm really disappointed that they are not pursuing to make an offline and a LAN component to the game, despite the requests of many players. It's a deal-breaker for some. To many, this is also a diabolic DRM that leads people to the GAH/RMAH. I hope they change their mind.

This "alternative item hunt" intrigues me. Sounds something like the Herding Staff, or those BlackRock pages. Either we have to farm (or do a quest event) for stuff to create our own Legendary items unique to us, or something that will open another dungeon (BlackRock).

Some issues that needs to be addressed (compiled from this thread and other threads I've read):
- Exploit fixes (bots, unID sploit, exploiters, etc.). Since they're adamant about always-online, it has to be fixed.
- Randomness of events/maps/dungeons (or lack thereof).
- Too much randomness on drops. Drops should be based on act-difficulty (no lvl 50+ drops in Inferno because it isn't an upgrade, and almost always vendored), too much random stats and stat rolls (Str on wands, 100+ DPS on ilvl63 wpns, etc.), and so on.
- More Legendary/Set drops.
- Solution to MF. I prefer gear-swap, but anything that doesn't take out MF from gears would be nice. Maybe give all items with MF (not included in the budget).
- Inclusion of gear-swap. This will come in handy when PvP/PK comes out.
- Lore. Cain killed by the butterfly queen. The existence of the butterfly queen. Belial arc (A2 storyline). Azmodan (A3 storyline). etc.
- Removal of many WoW elements. Enrage timers, Melee/tank-ranged/caster class molds (goes with build diversity), MoP feel of skill selection, class-based mobs ("x" affixes for melee, "y" affixes for ranged), WoW-like boss mechanics, "gear-check", "progression-style" gameplay, and so on.
- Inclusion of many D2 elements. Surprise me.
- Crafting. Cheaper crafting. Make crafting more rewarding.
- Companions. Equip more gear and better AI.
- Endless dungeon. More stuff to do = more replay value.
- Possible removal of "Ponyland". It's not fun like Cow Level, and is practically insulting to players who just want to make Diablo 3 more "Diabloish".
- Game still too colorful. Still needs to feel more like D2 and less like WoW.
- Repealing the nerf to chests, pots, etc. if botting/exploiting is under control.
- Making GAH/RMAH even less mandatory. Their intention to make it less mandatory - "double it".
- Repealing of "death penalty" repair bills. If the intention is to remove gold from the economy, this is NOT the way. If the intention is to take out "zerging", the "death timer" is good enough. Actually, take out the timer too. Players should be allowed to zerg.
- Guild support. If games like Rusty Hearts (free MMO) have guild support, why not D3?
- Guild housing, as the community has been asking since Diablo 2. Guild Wars has it (and it's free, beyond initial software purchase). WoW has it (P2P MMO), and so on.
- Rare/Champ pack affixes. Spacing of said packs.
- Detailed GAH/RMAH records and data on item sales (bid/buyout, if it sold, dates, etc.).
- Unavoidable attacks. If this game is based on more than just gear (actual skills), then give players an opportunity to avoid attacks and/or make it visible so people can avoid it.
- Systems that protect players against in-game trading scams.
- Capping GAH bid/buyout to a predetermined value based on: 1) item, 2) item rarity, 3) ilvl, 4) stats. Significantly reducing max buyout for RMAH. This will disincentivize making this game a "financial vehicle" at the expense of the majority of players.
- Cap a player's gold capacity.

Overall, if they intend to keep their word in what's written here, Diablo 3 (and their reputation) might be heading towards the road to recovery.

Edit: Added issues that also needs to be addressed.
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Well this was sorely overdue imho but better late than never.
Thanks Mike.
After reading through some of these - does anyone really need to be told why Blues don't bother posting?
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