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I have absolutely no faith you're going to fix this game without commitment to what these patches are going to do. If you knew what you were doing your post would look something like

Dear Diablo Players,

Sorry for screwing up so bad. We know we'll never fully regain your trust, but we hope to at least bring Diablo 3 up to the game it should have been.

Hotfixes (next week):
  • improved drop rates of good items
  • reduced stat ranges on all applicable affixes
  • disabled several monster affixes while we figure out how to nerf them to decrease the amount of cheap deaths; also revamped the allowed affix combos
  • thorns, +(specific skill), and chance to stun/freeze/etc mods no longer spawn on regular items
  • disabled everything on the RMAH except buying and selling gold so that all the items are in one place
  • Patch 1.0.4 (August):
  • legendaries and set items no longer have random stats so you can't get poor stat combos
  • crafted items now have some fixed stats to make them more attractive
  • fixed some of the disabled monster affixes
  • replaced that one monk passive and buffed single resistance modifiers
  • heavily nerfed monster damage in the higher difficulties so players aren't forced to kite all day and don't need godly MF gear to MF; players can no longer switch gear while in combat
  • removed nephalem valor but increased chances of rares and legendaries dropping
  • removed hidden difficulty-based mechanics like monster CC reduction and lifesteal reduction; life on hit removed (all existing changed to %lifesteal)
  • considerable AH UI improvements; no longer have to switch to RMAH to buy and sell gold
  • blacksmith can temporarily craft some basic jewelry
  • new legendary items
  • Patch 1.0.5 (September):
  • removed physical resistance; armor now only reduces physical damage
  • crit chance is now on a rating system to balance mechanics based on crits
  • attack speed un-nerfed; tweaked some related mechanics so that it is not so OP
  • added a few new types of gems; more sockets available on weapons, helms, and shields; changed some of the weapon modifiers; shields have their own modifiers (resistance, block chance)
  • jewelry crafting moved to the jeweler and greatly improved
  • inferno reverted to no-progression, farm-anywhere
  • health potions no longer instant but cooldown removed; health globes removed and applicable mechanics replaced
  • there is now an option to autoskip all story elements
  • player dueling enabled
  • new legendary items
  • Patch 1.1.0 (November):
  • PvP
  • completely revamped basic game mechanics like stats and skill trees
  • added new abilities to every boss
  • preliminary fixes to the story
  • new legendary items
  • Sincerely,

    Mike Morhaime
    now was that so hard blizzard...Just hold a our hand a little before you destroy our game a little more...And yes its our game. As much as you think you own it Blizzard with out us there is no diablo 3
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    SHould Consider changing the treasure chest as well. Not applying mf to chest is pretty stupid.. its called a "treasure" chest for some reason... I know you want people to stop doing chest runs, but you got ot make it rewarding for people that actually go through the dungeon.

    For every stack of NV buff you have, you apply 1/5 of your mf on the chest.
    At full stack you get like 2 rares guarntee and some other crap.

    This makes more sense... rewards people that actually go get those NV buff

    That would be an awesome buff, without rewarding the bots Please take this suggestion seriously.
    Awesome, thanks Mike! I really hope we see 1.4 sooner rather than later - it's very nice to know there will be some additional content for endgame!
    I really have hope here, but some of the changes in 1.3 really sucked. My biggest complaint remains the destruction of magic find on anything but monsters. I really liked having a good chance of finding things in chests with good magic find. As things are right now, you just rush from elite to elite in the most efficient manner possible, with magic find I felt there was more of a chance to discover that epic item on a corpse (happened prior to 1.3).

    Buffs sound good, but balancing scares me. So far the only balancing I have EVER seen has been nerfs. The only thing close to a buff was when you buffed the drops in inferno (which many people bring attention to the fact of how few "good" items are dropping now) and that worries me.

    Final note: just advice but at least listen. Have pvp mechanics different from pve mechanics. what I mean by this is don't nerf abilities because they might not balance pvp, instead of them unusable or work differently in pvp. Suddenly not being able to maul diablo because you are afraid I will one shot someone in pvp would really suck. Just my .02
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    Thanks for the update!
    The only "feedback" that makes me laugh is "Item drops suck!"

    Please, what game are you playing? Diablo has always been about doing mf runs forever and ever and then finding something useful. You're either lazy or have never played D2.

    Drop rates and quality are fine.

    Thats why trading exists - if you haven't found it, someone among millions have. Trade with him.

    You guys still dont know this basic idea.

    You are completely wrong.

    I played Diablo 1 and 2 from the beginning and I STILL play diablo 2 all the time on LAN with my brothers and friends.

    I can assure you, in a week of farming runs in diablo 2 I get several uniques, several set pieces and at least a couple of rares that make me seriously think if I should use them or not.

    Diablo 3, I have been farming and playing since release, I have only found 2 crap legendaries which were obviously 3 or 4 levels below my current level and absolutely no set pieces whatsoever. I have 200+ magic find FYI... On top of that, the affixes on items are always the same and always boring. What happened to having the chance to get teleport on a barb item for example, or % to skill on hit or when hit, so on and so on...

    You sir have no idea what you are talking about.

    LOOT in diablo 3 sucks..

    FIX THE LOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    07/19/2012 11:35 AMPosted by ChangBooster
    Not to sound like a newb but when it comes to Diablo I am but what the fudge is botting?


    1. running a third party program in the background that mimics the input of mouse clicks and keystrokes and plays the game for you so you can profit selling the gold and items your bot collected while you were asleep or eating chow mein.

    2. something that was so pervasive in diablo 2, it made playing in public games annoying

    3. something so pervasive in diablo 3, it ruined the ecomony

    4. something that the powers that be, apparently, have no intention of ever weeding out

    AHHHHHHH so thats why some people have like 100 mil gold and some of the prices in the AH are just freaking NUTS!!!!
    I saw a video of someone doing it....pretty much cheating.
    i understand that being online is a big part of the game, but it isnt the game.... it really sucks for people like me who have bad internet. IE yesterday i had to spend over an hour messing with my modem and router, and it still only worked for about 20 minutes. cant people like me at least have a choice? its bad enough that the story of this game was... well... horrific, same thing with the scripts for voice actors. your turning diablo into WOW, and that definitely does not make me say wow. it makes me cry. the reason i stopped playing warcraft and starcraft is becuase it went online. id just like to know that if i take my laptop somewhere and want to play a game i paid for, that i can. im sure this would help people who dont even want an offline mode. because one day their internet wont work and they will be fudged. plus then we could play while you are updating, rather than sitting around for 8 hours waiting for you guys to patch. or if your servers go down you wont have an influx of angry gamers who cant play. i know having an offline mode is a good thing, but i still feel like blizz is not only trying to control the game, but the players. unfortunately your staff of herding does not work on me.
    07/19/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
    Our teams are working hard to improve the game balance,

    Isn't this one of the issues that comes up a lot? WHY are you trying to balance in an ARPG? shouldn't our characters be overpowered? i could understand trying to balance the game's difficulty into a steadily rising scenario, but why are you guys trying to balance characters....oh wait pvp...it's doing it to yet another game.
    Please make inferno more difficult.... Blizzard should not nerf inferno...!!! after 1.0.3 alot people quits... It should be like D2, which is hard in certain ways...
    07/19/2012 05:12 AMPosted by Tanker
    So, no direct response to the "item hunt" being the "garbage hunt" and so many have concluded to be futile. I am one maintenance Tuesday from quitting myself. If there is no item to find, there is no reason to play. The ilvl 63 drops are trash. Please address this with specifics.

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    07/19/2012 12:01 PMPosted by Vanitii
    Isn't this one of the issues that comes up a lot? WHY are you trying to balance in an ARPG? shouldn't our characters be overpowered? i could understand trying to balance the game's difficulty into a steadily rising scenario, but why are you guys trying to balance characters....oh wait pvp...it's doing it to yet another game.

    Pretyt sure the new legendaries will get you what you want in pve, just have some patience, this game has been out for 2 months, not 2 years.
    AGAIN if anyone missed it. TLDR? FIX THE LOOT!!!


    I still don't trust Blizzard... They have killed the trust I had in them.

    It is so obvious you are pushing people to the AH by not letting us find any gear above or at our same level. This is intentional, and until this is fixed this game will suck.

    In diablo 2 (and basically every other ARPG I played) you could always find things at your level, and many times you would find things 2 or 3 levels above you that were actually useful.

    As many players have stated, there is absolutely no way to upgrade your toon through play because everything that drops is crap. I remember when playing diablo 2, in the course of a week, I would find several set pieces, several uniques and a bunch of other stuff. The loot was always exciting and rewarding. Even if you never used those uniques because they were for another class or whatever, you could see they were great, instead of now... identifying stuff makes me suffer, because I know I'm only gonna get crap 100% of the time.

    Sure, you can beat normal difficulty without problem, so you don't experience the frustration and anger of farming for days and not finding anything, but once you hit inferno, the game becomes frustrating, irritating and it just makes me angry...

    I cannot bring myself to stop playing, because deep down, I love Diablo, and I used to love Blizzard... which to me was the standard against which I measured all other gaming companies... now you're just another greedy game company, and that will be what will ultimately kill you.

    You want to fix this game???? Start with the loot... MAKE COMPLETELY sure that people can advance through the game, EVEN INFERNO, without having to use AH... The Auction House should be a commodity not a requirement.

    To me all other problems are secondary to this... FIX THE LOOT... bring back jewels, on hit skills, stuff like that that made diablo 2 so fun and addictive. Your blacksmith sucks, all the items he crafts are mediocre... Pffff....

    So yea, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top.... FIX THE LOOT!!!

    PS. Think about it like this... I know you wanted people to take forever to beat inferno, because you wanted to make it a "challenge". Truth is inferno is not a challenge, it's frustrating... mobs use cheap tactics that leave you no way of escape (vortex, molten, firechains, jailor anyone?) this is not challenging because you have no way of winning, you just have to run like a chicken... I bet Diablo is trembling on his feet praying to whatever evil god he believes in to not have a demon uprising cause he'd be beaten to a pulp and humiliated by an elite imp, lol.

    Seriously, I prefer to be able to finish the game earlier but have fun doing it, this will make me want to buy your next expansion and be excited about it... Instead, I just feel like quitting the game and never coming back... WHAT???? We have to be fighting the same act, with the same monsters, over and over, for an entire year and we're never going to find anything good? (use the auction house dummy)... Now that is fun!!!... Sheeesh....
    Are you working on fixing elite walls?
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