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Thanks for the feedback. We need to see this stuff every once in a while from a high level. It helps put things in perspective because these forums are simple insane.

Can you add a clan feature for this online game that so strongly focuses on community and friend interaction. Every online game I have ever played that had a long lasting community was due to clans/guilds and meeting people through those clans/guilds. D2 had a better method of supporting clans than D3 with the chat channels and friends lists. It just seems awkward in D3. Its going to be even more desired once PVP launches. I have met no one on this game so far and only play with people I already know when they are online, otherwise I play alone. I’d like to hear your serious thoughts on this topic and if you ever plan to implement clan support and not just a “maybe in the future” type answer.
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We’re also working on a gameplay system that will provide players who have max-level, high-powered characters new goals to strive for as an alternative to the “item hunt.”

Please don't forget to fix the item hunt itself. Other end-game challenges will be a great and very welcome addition, but I speak for a lot of friends and players when I say that gearing up our characters is the core of our experience.

We depend on our items to optimize our skill builds and also to experiment on it. Item hunting kept me and at least five other friends playing Diablo 2 togheter for months nonstop, and we always found great items by our own.

I beat D3 Inferno with one item that I found - all the others came from the Gold Auction House - and I was very disapointed with that. Now, drop rates are at a satisfying level, but another problem showed up.

In Diablo 3, an endgame ilvl 63 rare sword may be worse in DPS than a ilvl 55 magic one, and that kind of randomness brings nothing positive to the game.

So again, please, we ask for a well thought rework on the itemization.

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Great to hear something from Mike at last. Gives a bit of hope.

I, however, don't believe the game will ever reach its potential while the AH exists. At the very least, the Blizzard cut on the RMAH needs to disappear, not only so the game ceases to be balanced around it, but so people won't be discouraged and quit when they have a run of bad luck and think, 'Sigh, the game's STILL being balanced around the RMAH, tired of this nonsense'. Fix loot, make inferno fun, remove AHs, more players per game, more reason to use multiplayer.

By the way, whoever thought it'd be a good idea to force Online Only on Oceanic players needs to lose their job. Give us servers or don't even bother. Hardcore with 250+ms is completely and utterly pointless, not to mention the rubberbanding+lag spikes for absolutely no reason.

Still, thanks for the post, Mike. Hopefully some of the stuff you mentioned happens soon. Best of luck, and I sincerely hope you're not under too much pressure from the suits at Viv/Acti.
Thank you Mr. Morhaime!

Great to hear something/anything from you guys. It often feels like you have abandoned us with Diablo 3 in its current form, moving on to bigger and better things.

Please keep listening to the feedback here in the forums, there are many great posts mixed in with the bad that are made here every day.

Many of the people on these forums that are posting feedback (positive and negative) do so because they really do want Diablo 3 to be great, and care enough to offer their own perspective on how the game can be improved.

I think having improved communication with the community would be a great start to fixing things for the better. Lets make sure that the Devs and Fans are on the same page. Lets start a dialogue, make Diablo 3 the game that we both want it to be.
I have faith in you guys.
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I have played for 200 hours now. I'd put 85% of that in inferno. In 200 hours of play I have not found one single item worth keeping or selling on the auction house more than 5k or so. I just can't see the sense in your game design. Drop rates are pathetic, there is no other word for it. No one should be subjected to that. I understand you want to keep the top level items worth $200+ for your RMAH percentage but you're strangling your playerbase.

I might mention that I hit the 200 hour mark quite a long time ago. I stopped playing for the most part (compared to the kind of playing I was doing before). There's just no fun or reward in it. I come on for an hour here, an hour there. But it's always the same old crap.

Log in

Check AH

Nothing sold

Check price of similar items I just sent to my stash

Restock same items I've been trying to sell for 2 weeks

Start a new inferno A3 game

Clear the act and all elites

Identify all the rares, notice every drop looked like the same crap I was getting in nightmare

Rage Quit

...I do this about twice a day. I don't know why I bother anymore. Before I figured out I was never going to get a viable drop I could do this little loop minus the rage quit at the end 5+ times. That was about the middle 150 hours of my 200 played. But, what does Blizz care, anyway? They already got my money for the game. They'll always make their RMAH cut from the farmbots and dupers. They'll probably never give us legitimate players a peice of the pie :/
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I want that limit of creating games to be implemented ..
I want less stress on the server so i could enjoy lag free as a south east asian , Please DO THE MAINTENANCE PROPERLY ..
I dont mind how many hours as long as the time i could play it doesnt lag , im god damn happy about it ..
Why is this world so unfair when it comes down to certains things you cherish .
I hope the idea to make the AH not mandatory means your making it so that you can actually get decent equipment with out farming for 300 hours to get one good upgrade.

The AH is mandatory.. It is cause the drop rates are horrible even leveling from 1-60 ( i am working on my 4th).
All your gear is so far below where you are so you end up looking at the AH to just get semi current and the prices are ridiculous on just 1-60 leveling gear. I make more money selling stuff leveling then I ever did trying to pawn 60+ stuff no one buys.

With loot drops being so random and almost always on the low end all the mid to crap gear keeps going down, but anything decent or good keeps climbing in prices.. I mean 1 billion for a weapon? really?

MF is so random too. Past 2 weeks I been farming with 318 MF. yet still i'll get 5 white drops and a blue... when i do get gold drops they are mostly low 50's in inferno and that's silliness too.

There really should never be any drops in inferno below say 58, at least they could be useful 58 59 60 61 62 armors and rings can all have good stats in infeno, Anything less is pointless.

I understand there should be value in great gear but the difference between decent gear and great gear is so huge that a 40 million gold weapon is just OK while an out standing one is 100 million or more.. its all due to the AH and RMAH and the exploits that never got the results addressed.

That's broken..

Totally agree with this. Item drops need to be fixed. Farming without reward is just plain irritating.
Some of you WoW babies should have played Everquest.. the original. No instant gratification there... but I forgot thats what all the little kids want these days.. now now now... Drop rates wahhhhh. Grow a pair and stop crying so much!
No apology from Jay?
No admission that you strayed to far from the Diablo 2 concept?
No specific actions or timelines as to when all this will be fixed?

We waited 12 years for this, 12 LONG years for a game that's not even worthy of the Blizzard name. You have our money. We have a WoW instance. We have cookie cutter classes and skills, 4 player co-op, uninspired items, linear snooze enduing dungeons. We are missing runes, skulls, charms, and a whole host of stuff that has been reiterated here time and again.

Do you think we're stupid? Do you think that this would pass?
All good and well, but fixing the horrible itemization system should be at the top of your priority list. This will make farming actually rewarding opposed to its utter uselessness at the moment.

To use your terms, the itemization system in its current state is not "fun". To say the least.

The buff to Legendary items is blessed of course, definitely a step in the right direction.
But with the forced online only, how will blizzard handle account connection issues involving Hardcore players? Online only has killed the wat of hardcore, and there is a severe drop in players for that, especially over Diablo 2. Too many times I have played hardcore and had my character killed off because of server side lag (I run at a dedicated 40Mbit connection, and my system is always set to record deviations, so it's not on my end). I have also seen many of these "reaction" videos of hardcore players dying because the game suddenly froze for a few seconds, then came back with a swarm of bug shooters that killed them. There is too much risk in playing hardcore now because of this, and it's just not fare to have 100 hours of play time destroyed because of server lags.

Would it be possible JUST to have hardcore mode on single player non online?
Minor Things Addressed in Post: Legendaries, Class Skills, AH reliance.
Major Things Ignored in Post: Duping, Botting, Scamming, Poor Loot, Crafting Being Useless, Bugged Affixs.

1.0.4 is going to be a huge disappointment, I hope I can get my hour a day down to 0 by then.

So what's stopping you right now?
They should probably focus on the serious issue which is the fact that playing this as a video game doesn't properly trigger reward pathways in the brain. Its terrible design to have item level 63s dropping so much, then to just constantly stomp out that flicker of joy players get when the item is trash. Only a tiny, tiny percent of players will actually feel that sense of joy during inferno. The rest quit.

I'm not even complaining about not having good gear: my gear is great. But how did i get it? By flipping on the auction house. I got maybe 1/30 of the value of my gear from actually playing the game, which is simply ridiculous.

Call me entitled if you want, I don't care. I'd rather be entitled and playing games I enjoy than sitting in front of a slot machine with worse payout than a casino.
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Finally....some voice....
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