Diablo® III

Diablo 3 should have been about angels

What I mean is an angelic, and a demonic invasion into sanctuary. The plot would be like this.

Act 1

-Tyreal falls you rescue him do all the act one crap, then he warns you that angels and demons are coming, he also warns you that both sides will slaughter any human in their way.

- Tyreal isn't mortal because it ruins everything cool about him.

-Also no Magdha, the cult leader is some crazy guy who practices self mutalation.

Act 2

- Belial has taken control of Caldeum, he doesn't wear a disguise instead he promises salvation to everyone who joins in him in his evilness.

- You see Belial make speeches about people making the ultimate sacrifice, having faith in him, and !@#$ like that.

- Behind all this human sacrifices are taking place.

- Tyreal suggests we seek out Zultan Kuul, because he may help humanity with the demonic, and angelic invasion of sanctuary.

- We meet Zultan Kuul, who doesn't sound like a generic evil guy, but more like a generic wise wizard fellow.

-Zultan Kuul knows the secret of creating a new worldstone that doesn't dampen the powers of the nephalem, and it protects sanctuary from demons and angels.

- The creation of the new worldstone requires the souls of powerful demons, angels, and one nephelim.

- We get Belial's soul

Act 3

- The biggest battle ever is happening between demons and angels, with humans caught inbetween.

- You save Bastion's Keep by killing all the demons and angels in it.

- You battle angels and demons in the field of battle, and eventually you fight azzy and kill and take his soul.

- Diablo comes and takes the almost completed worldstone, and uses it to gain entrance into heaven.

Act 4

- You kill everything in your way angels and demons in order to get to Diablo.

- You kill Diablo and take his soul so you can complete the worldstone, but the stone still needs the soul of an angel and a nephelim.

- Tyreal and Zultan Kuul decide to sacrifice themselves and complete the worldstone.

Game ends in a cinematic of Kuul and Tyreal sacrficing themselves, angels and demon being forced out of sanctuary, and humans becoming nephelim themselves.

I always thought in Diablo humanity was a pawn of both sides. I think it'd be great if Diablo 3 ended with humanity achieveing the power to create its own destiny.
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Or how about Santuary being invaded by ponies, teddy bears, and more.
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