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Dear Mike, Actions Speak Louder than Words

From your post the only thing i truly agree is with the idea of mike talking with the community, althou at this point with the ammount of feedback we have provided i feel that talking to us is more in the interest of making bonds than necessity itself.

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I thought 1.03 was the worst thing that happened to this game

I disagree.

Repairs are fine, enrage timers on bosses are fine (i disagree with packs thou).

Yes, nerfing chests and vases was terrible without some sort of compensation (NV stacks buffing their loot table).

Pre 1.0.3 and IAS nerf i felt stupid by playing anything else but the DH. With the gear i bought from the AH when i arrived at inferno i roflstomped pretty much about everything but soul rippers.

Also 1.0.3 nerfed mobs making dps speccs for melee alot more viable, i really don't understand why people complain about 1.0.3... i guess all of you enjoyed your DH easy mode winning and making a killing at the AH at the expenses of the melee classes that crawled their way into inferno with tank speccs, 1k+ allres and more than 1000$ worth of gear.

The game has been improving, some of you might not think so but i do. The truth is that at this point we need alot more than drop rate buffs... the endgame vision was a failure and i'm hopeful they will make it right.
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I was very excited to see that blizzard finally decided to say something about the state of the game. I was very hopefull but as soon as I read the part about 1.03 i knew for a fact that this person is not actually a player of the game and is simply making empty statements. I would say that 90% or more of players would argue that 1.03 and the patches/'hotfixes' since launch have actually made the game a lot worse.
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1st step in fixing the game - remove RMAH and GAH
tbh what this game need is a major overhaul, not just tweaks here and there
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It seems the point of reaching out to a base of people a short while after launch would be to address current concerns. The letter from Mike Mohaine might as well have been labelled "patch notes"...

OP had it right in his first paragraph, simply writing a letter to consumers seems like he was getting ready to say "we hear your complaints, here is what we will do to fix them" but instead told us something to the effect of "we already told you why this is online only, but yeah... legendaries are fundamentally flawed right now, you got us"

I think OP summed up what alot of us are feeling very well. We gamers are passionate about our chosen past time, and many of us expect more from this company. Your players are mad because we have been told "this is going to be great" ...that the delays put on this game were to ensure the highest quality experience. We waited a very long time for this and what we were given feels incomplete and broken.

Most of the people who come to the forums to complain about the game do so in a wildly dramatic and hyperbolic manner (i.e. "worst game ever"). OP constructed a clear and concise response to the patch notes we were given this week. Thanks mate!
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I agree with most of this post. We want you to make this game Blizzard! That's why we're on the forums making these posts! We care about this franchise and this game!

I expected for D3 to keep me entertained for another 8-10 years, not 2 months... Not finding fun and interesting loot from the last boss of Act 1 until level 60 = not fun. Please take a look at the D2 loot system and items and see what tidbits you can pick up there. We played that game because it was fun!
I couldn't have said it better myself, hats off to you OP.
Well said
Wall of text crits Mike for 9000+

Well said!
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Completely agree with you OP. I feel the same way.
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Well done OP, well thought out post. + 1 sticky and bump
Completely agree with the OP, couldn't have said it better.
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