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Two handed vs One Handed Monk

I read the forum about every three or four days to try and pick up advice on my monk that I am currently lvling. I want to hear from the experienced Monks out there, what their take is on duel weilding or going with a one handed weapon and shield, especially for Act 3 and Act 4 Inferno!
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Both viable.

Sword and Board - More damage mitigation from armour, block chance and resistance. Shields generally also provide some stats dex/vit.

Dual weilding - More DPS from attack speed, more crit dmg on weapons and weapon socket. If not going crit build you should probably forget about DW'ing.

Shielding is generally safer play. less deaths and slower kills. Good for game progression and is more affordable.

DW is more DPS focus. Generally a less tankier monk and weaker if not managed properly(such as providing for enough armour when first choosing to DW). However the more you work on DW the more dmg and output given enough damage mitigation. Higher DPS = more efficient farm in A3. time is money right :)

anyways have fun and enjoy your monk.
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if you go for LOH on both weapons, DWing can be tankier and tougher to kill than S&B. The main reason people use S&B is because that's a cheaper way to play. A good shield is one with high res, high dex & crit, some Vit can be found for a fraction of the price for a good offhand
However, there's some high level monks out there running S&B, with godly shields of course, and I can't understand why.
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my shield is
1500 armor (+300ish armor)
9.5 crit
12%block (i have helm of command to buff it at 20%)

and seriously, even if i switch it for a 711dps 47crit dmg 699loh 192vit hand axe... it doesnt work as good as with the damned shield..

armor rating = godly (armor+ is as good as all resist, easily)
stack up all big armor ratings and use time of need.
works major.
and the crit chance and high dex on shield actually DO ok dps...

It doesn't work good because it has slower AS for LoH to effectively work.
You need to have at least 2.0 AS (so basically use dagger or fist only with a few 9% ias gears) with at least 700 LoH (2000 LoH/sec recommended for A3 on. 1000LoH with 2.0AS = 2000LoH/sec).
You always have to think LoH per sec. Not just the amount of it.
If you have good combinations of AS and LoH with DW, you gain more DPS and more defense than having a shield. It is just expensive.
Also using deadly reach with Keen eye and MoE with 20% armor gain gives you the total of 70% armor gain with DW which gives better than having any shield.
On top of the increased AS with LoH. DW wins.
Unless, of course, you must have the 10% cc on the shield for your crit build.....
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