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Can't see attributes of sold items?

I been selling and buying items from AH, but there is no way to see the items we sold? There should be a detailed description on our sold items thou.

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Bump, totally agree, I had to start screen shotting everything I sold, just to keep a count and what actually went through, you can't even hover over the name and see the stats.
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Yeah.. usually by the time something sells I can't even remember which item it is. No matter what screen you're on you should be able to mouseover an item and see the stats! AND link it.

The auction house is so frustrating.
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this it what u should do....

press enter to "enter the chat" it can be any or any friend chat...
shift click the "money gold icon" item which u sold before sending to stash. it would link the item in the chat room. its just like u link items in trade chat but this time you r clicking on the "
gold icon"
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There was another post about this recently, and it helped me figure it out!(kudos to the original poster, not sure his name) After an item is sold, don't send the gold to your stash. Instead, hover your mouse over the STACK of gold on the completed sales on the left. Open the chat menu, shift+left click the stack of gold, press enter, and then click what you just sent. I've only done this on the GAH though, hope it works for everyone!
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i've totally no idea what i sold at the price stated there lol. sad
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there is a way to do it whenever u sell something just open up ur chat box and then hold shift and left click the money icon on the gold amount that u sold it for. example... sold something for 1,700,000... to the left of that 1,700,000 is an icon... open up chat and then hold shift and left click that icon and bam there u go
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HAY! Check this out!

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