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Update: March 9th

It has been a while with this topic, but also interesting to look at now and think back to when helping people with crafting was useful.

Anyway, I'm moving on to Hardcore, best of fortune to all!


Crafting all gems, except Radiant Star Rubies.

It's a bring your own mats party, streaming at http://www.livestream.com/monterran

(Note: Since updating their website, my livestream.com broadcast no longer functions and communication with their support staff has been unsuccessful. Combined with the decreasing cost of armour and weapon plans making it possible for most to craft gear without my assistance, and questions about whether crafting gear is worthwhile these days, the effort required to resolve the streaming issue seems unnecessary. Thus, gear crafting will be suspended until such time that it is again useful for others and a stable desktop broadcast method can be established. Gem crafting is still available.)

It's not all bad news, though. Even though I currently can't craft gear for people, that doesn't mean it can't be provided altogether. This is a great point to announce that I will occasionally be giving away gear. It probably won't be iconic (although you never know), but should be at least useful for somebody. A list with the type of gear and page where it can be viewed is now included at the bottom of this post. Have a look!


Flawless Star Materials:
3 Stars
12 Tomes of Secret
100,000 Gold

Perfect Star Materials:
3 Flawless Stars
15 Tomes of Secret
200,000 Gold

Radiant Star Materials:
3 Perfect Stars
20 Tomes of Secret
400,000 Gold

There is no fee, but tips are appreciated, and will be used to get more plans. No worries if you can't tip, but those who do can vote for which plan is added next. Every day I'm online, a post with the name of tippers and amount tipped will be submitted. I hope to be able to do this for an hour or two at least every second day. The total amount of tips and votes will also be updated here.

Tips and votes received for gear crafting will be included within the Blacksmith section. Likewise, those received for gem crafting will be included within the Jewelcrafter section.


Total Tips: 1,038,880

Plans Obtained:
Helm - 5,655,670. Bought with tips (3,916,450) and my gold (1,739,220).
Bracers - 4,700,000. Bought with tips (4,411,773) and my gold (288,227).

Helm of Command - 14
Seven Sins - 7
Sage's Wisdom - 2


Total Tips - 335,465

Plans Obtained:
Radiant Star Emerald - 2,917,678. Bought with tips.

Radiant Star Ruby - 5 (Final Gem Plan to Obtain)

When there is enough gold within the pool of a section to get whichever plan of that section has the most votes, it will be added.

My tag is MonTerran#1251. Whenever online, the best way to contact me is via friend request.

If I'm not online, feel free to send a friend request anyway, or leave a reply here with your tag and I'll send one to you. Once accepted to a friend list, a message will appear within the chat box at the bottom-left of the screen whenever I log in, and you can contact me easily.


Free Gear
Quivers - Page 10 (Gone)
Gloves - Page 11 (Gone)
Weapons - Page 11 (Gone)
Various - Page 11 (Gone)
Edited by MonTerran#1251 on 7/23/2013 9:39 AM PDT
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From yesterday ...

Tips/Votes of the Day:

BlazingHitman#1199 - 1,000/wrist armour
smp#1160 - 174,520/head armour

Satisfied replies from a couple of the people I crafted for yesterday can be viewed here - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6146816213
Edited by MonTerran#1251 on 7/23/2012 7:44 AM PDT
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Anybody interested before I start a game?
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Doing Act III run, but will be available for a while after
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Run finished, available to craft.
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Hey guys, just to confirm, Mon is totally legit, just had him craft me two pairs of gloves.
Support the project, its pretty dandy if you ask me :)
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Thanks for the reply and the tip, great to see you get a good roll, too.

Anybody else for some crafting before I head out for a while?
Edited by MonTerran#1251 on 7/23/2012 10:32 AM PDT
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Heading out, should be online again this evening. Cheers
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Online, contact me if you would like something crafted and I'll activate the stream.
Edited by MonTerran#1251 on 7/23/2012 2:52 PM PDT
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Anybody for more crafting before I start a game?
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I really need flawless star emerald if you can help :)
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Sure, what is your tag, I'll add you as a friend and we can meet in-game.
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Last call for crafting before the servers shut down.
Edited by MonTerran#1251 on 7/23/2012 5:47 PM PDT
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Would anybody else like something crafted before I log out for the night?
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Tips/Votes of the Day

magnix#1115 - 50,000/voted for head armour

mastabik#1986 - 35,000. Voted for shoulder armour.

Slingshot#1710 - 36,000 (sum total value of extra gold, extra mats, and unwanted vendored gear). Voted for shoulder armour

theehysteric#1798 - 84,880 (sum total of gold and unwanted vendored gear, and some gloves that will be put up for sale in the trading forum, the gold from which will be added to the fund). Voted for Seven Sins.

Xefirus#1223 - 150,000. Voted for wrist armour.

Total for the day: 363,766 + plus the glove sale (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6147826860)*
* The gloves did not sell and were vendored for a total of 7886 gold, now included with the total for this day.
Edited by MonTerran#1251 on 8/4/2012 4:43 AM PDT
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I'm doing an Act II run, should be around for a while, send a message or add me in-game if you would like to craft something. I'll also be in trade chat.

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Very trustworthy and honest he made me 2 Flawless Emeralds with NP i will definitely come back to him hes my new gem craftier from now on and remind me to come to u on friday bro and ty again ur the Best!! ^_^
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this guy is legit please use (and tip) him
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Thanks to both of you for the replies and tips. Consider me a community resource!
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Would anybody else like something crafted?
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