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Necros Wrath of the Tornado Throw Barb

EDIT: Still working after patch : ) Videos are up : http://www.xfire.com/profile/everdeath1722/videos/ hope to get better quality soon.
The additional threads are in the links below to follow or gather more info there. New links added to fill in Info for math nerds like me. Discussions will be held on the compiled thread to make navigation a ton easier.
Ok this is my fav build I have been fine tuning for the last couple of months. If you can't kill an Elite mob why not have them kill themselves :)

NOTE: First off this build isn't the cheapest but it is extremly powerful and with a little patience you can easily get this gear needed for act 1/2inf. Act3/4 is where the price range jumps up abit And with mid grade gear you can easily do a full clear of inf.

Now about the power of this build, it is way beyond WWTT in many ways. It is a good build but has alot of flaws that I wanted gone ( like DC and death from well the sky falling or any of the other flaws I am sure your aware of) so I made this to perfection. I will cover that in full detail too in my full build secretes reveal. Keep in mind I made this long before WWTT was even around. With that in mind Here is the build:


here is some info for the amount of sprint tornado procs thank goes Nubtro


more info on general barbs "Art of War" also thanks to Nubtro


Here is how it works. First you want to hit warcry and battle rage then sprint and circle the enemies to get the fury building nonstop. Once you got that going steady pop Wotb and distance yourself while still circling the mob poping tornadoes nonstop. This is where you start wep throw spamming. It will fill your fury as well with each crit as does the tornadoes. All proc the LoH and fury gen nonstop so you have full hp and fury at all times. Throw in the WotB and you can stay buffed as long as there is a good group of mobs around.
One last thing about this build is alot of the times when you wep throw the mobs will kill each other and it is usually 1 shotters :D You can convert multiples and elites as this has been confirmed so make your minions count and try to keep a steady flow for extra meat and DPS.

The gear I use is 2 axes with 870+ LoH and all gear has crit chance and IAS.
I have 2k+LoH(2kLoH is a must after act 1 inf) 1.76 APS AR 450+-950+(depends on buffs and situation) 5k+ Armor( Don't need much cuz I don't get hit but when I do it just fills up instantly) and my crit chance is 60 something with a crit dmg of 100-173 depending on the fight.Mainly just 100% most of the time.My main dmg comes from the tornadoes crits and elite minions fighting for me. they do ALOT of dmg,1 shotters alot of times. choice of the ones to convert are dependent on your area mobs. I will cover every type later as part of my full build info and release all the secretes and strats. Until then just test run the ones you like and keep experimenting.

Now you don't need nowhere near this. Mainly focus on the crit chance and LoH. After act1 inf you will want to start boostiing your allres abit, Below shows you the best spots to find the good ar gear with main, vit, and even sockets at times. I found all mine in 8 hours in hell 3/4(11-30+ AR per gear) and act1 inf.(30-60+AR per gear) Also movement speed helps but it is very little. I have 500+hrs of pure barb alone so I know a little bit on it and the mechs of the game. Once I start my stream I will show you the best tricks this build has to offer. As if having invul illusion hoard shield jailer mobs work for you wasn't cool enough. It gets WAY better and is 100% legit.

Now about the gear this doesn't seem like great gear but I can rofl stomp any packs,even multiples with no effort at all. If you can't get the LoH go with Revenge spam or try to get some 250+ LoH rings. The vendor in act 1 sells them and they are a dim a dozen. I highly recommend getting a lower dps Axe wep(min of 600 with bonus elemental arcane "it seems to add alot more dmg as long as your arcane is high like 700 pref 900" Don't let the big DPS number fool you.) with 800+ LoH instead. It also has a crit chance buff thats way better than overpowers. There will be a new build coming soon. I haven't perfected it yet but an idea of its capability is really cool. Basically You get healed for getting hit and it kills the enemies for you while they just hit you and full health while they 1 shot themselves : )

Well I hope this helped you out any. Also If you need further help or would just like to see other builds that I made hit me up in game or on here. I am around everyday,though it is sometimes hard to catch me I will get back to you so just have a little patience. And don't forget what you see here is just a very rough draft of the basics. I will finish the FULL indepth build strat and details of each and every little thing such as gear, the best mobs to convert, how to max your conversions, and some very secrete uses to this build very soon. It is a very long txt and I have several people working on this "testing" phase still to make sure everything works perfect everytime and no accidents happen due to nonplayer error.

If you are interested in becoming part of my ever expanding team then send me an in game msg to Everdeath#1722 I also appreciate any donations such as gold or gear for me and my teams nonstop efforts and those who also work day in and also like to help those who are in need. the more help I can get the more help I can give. I can guarantee it does come back around and I keep track of everyone who has helped and they will receive full credit and also the same respect in return. Just remember it is live so if I scam and don't hold my end everyone will know and my D3 rep is downed :( I don't want that.

Thank you for all the support and help

Also check out my Hell Rift Barb build or The Hell Knight :

Build in work but idea


Link to info and strat

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NOTE: you dont actually raise the dead. you just confuse them with wep throw so it has that minion feel as they fight for you when they are confused : ). give it a try I think you will be very impressed with the results for the "bang for your Buck" oh and it sounds kinda kool ;P
You can confuse quite a few minions at once BTW. Very useful
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Hope you can make a video on how effective "Stupefy" rune can be.
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It is quite effective when you use it correctly. I was iffy about it til I started testing it and it works great. Just remember you want to convert the bad boys an not waste it on trash. If I was to guess how often it procs I would say 3/5. Also you can follow the full thread here btw :


More info and better indepth discussion at this link.
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Bump for the new custom build. It took almost 2 months to perfect so follow the link on post 4 for more indepth discussion. Thanks : )
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07/27/2012 01:21 AMPosted by KRIGSSVIN

I will gladly get a vid up ASAP of this build in action. And would like to start a stream if I get enough luck and support from people who enjoy the build and others I am going to release soon that are just as sool if not way better. I have however no Idea how to record gameplay I am new to the vid thin but I do have plans of doing alot of searching to get this done and soon. If you know how to then throw me some tips : ) it is very much apprciated and you will get credit. I would gladly upload it. I think everyone would love to see this build in action judging from the resposnes I have gotten in such a short time span.

Ever since I posted it I have had players ingame and on the forums wanting to see it in the works. Some ingame have and saw a few others and now thats all they use: ) Last I checked since posting this morning I went from 2-3 players to over 8k.(add another 200+now) So I assure you as soon as I can get all the things I need to stream this then I will have these vids uploaded. Just give me a little time to get things together. I am very dedicated to doing this and have other tricks and builds that work with all budgets and playstyles. I will warn you though I am a Barb player since day one(may 15) and I promise I have alot of ingame knowledge and will dedicate my time and efforts to make your time and effort as well as gold well worth the effort in profits. Thank you, Everdeath

Keep this thread going and make everyone take notice. Try the build or check out some others I made that are coming real soon(wizards are lame;>), If you need any help my battletag is Everdeath#1722 see you in game GL N HF
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OK, I think I found the software to record (Fraps)<<FK that! so I am going to start testing it and should have it out by later today. My internet is off and on because the storm here so as soon as I get it recorded(try 10 mins first) then I will post a link in both my threads so you can see the in game action of this build. Anyways off to work. Thanks again for all the patience and if I get this to work right then I will make it daily : ) I would also like 3 partners of other classes though I havent fully decided, I think I will let the skill and originality pick for me.

I am now using something far better and will get some vids up really soon. I am also gio0n to start a live stream if everything works and my fanbase holds up and hopefully grows even more.
Thanks for all the patience and support. You are all very much appreciated, Everdeath
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Thread will be followed here from now on:


outdated Top post is most current but still good info in this thread link
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Posts: 3,584
this build is so hard to get used to it - -''
And, why frenzy?
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outdated info check OP for up to date info
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I would replace Frenzy with Bash-Instigation (fast fury generation) / Hammer of the Ancients-The devil's anvil (initial slow so you can get distance safer, and keep them where you want them) / Leap (to get instant distance) / Ground stop (see reason for hammer of the ancients) / Furious Charge (see leap)
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How long does stupefy last in Inferno?
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07/27/2012 12:48 PMPosted by PhreEk
How long does stupefy last in Inferno?

According to my video of me using it last around 3-5 seconds as it seems to vary abit depending on the minion. It is enough time to get that fury up or make a run or explode on them like a nuke : )
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07/27/2012 11:59 AMPosted by FreedomFiter
I would replace Frenzy with Bash-Instigation (fast fury generation) / Hammer of the Ancients-The devil's anvil (initial slow so you can get distance safer, and keep them where you want them) / Leap (to get instant distance) / Ground stop (see reason for hammer of the ancients) / Furious Charge (see leap)

I will add this to the caclulater in about 20-30 minutes on the "Hell Rift of Barb w WTBN" thread
Thank you for your contribution and I am excited to try this out. Also you will recieve full credit as will everyone eles who has and original and off the wall but very viable and creative build.
I just remembered the furious charge was hotfixed but here's what I got so far:


far from done but I can work with this. has a great back bone. now are you wanting me to tweak it so you can do specifics with it or you just wanna see what the full potienial is on varitations of this build. Lotta things I can use here to make ya pretty Barbaric : )

Thank you all again,
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yea I just wanted to add this link too


Its another Barb build that just turns mobs to !@#$ so try it and enjoy the madhouse. I didn't mean for it to get so diorganized but when I posted my first build I hit it in genand classes Barb so it got jumbled. I semiorginized it though. the 2 main builds are easy to find at least. sorry again for the sloppy layout but there is great info in there if you sift through it you will learn alot : ) GL N HF
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Reading your thread I was able to build a Weapons Throw Barb...Stats are good and I am key farming at monster level 6 with no problems but I still die about 3 or 4 times depending on the type of boss...

I've tried a high level Skorn and was able to get almost a million damage per hit...however after playing around with weapons I realized a 300 spear and a Echoing Fury with high IAS is much better.

Question...Trying to go for my my first hellfire ring...Tried it in Monster power 6 and it is impossible...I forgot to mention, I am trying to do this alone...

Any suggestions? On Build, Stats or strategy of play?
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