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Today. 200 hours, over 5000 elites, beaten Diablo on Inferno.. yet not a single set item drop.
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working as intended
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I'm at 500+ (2 chars) no diablo kill I'm farming act 1-2 300+ MF no swap...Plenty of crap legendaries but no set item yet.
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I've gotten somewhere around 70-80 legendary items, but only 4 of them were set pieces. All 4 of them sucked too. I have like 370 hours played ~_~
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450 hours 1 useless set item, I am thankful.
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I really hope they fix grouping....I'm kinda getting tired of solo play...OT I know but still.
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I think I played somewhere around 80-90 total hours and actually found 2 legendaries.

One was a level 42 Monk amulet that I sold for maybe 100k, the other was a Goldskin with no primary stats that I couldn't even sell for 10k.

I stopped playing 3 weeks after launch, so finding 2 legendaries in that time is pretty impressive.
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07/26/2012 03:16 AMPosted by Matuzak
I didn't get a set item to drop until maybe 17k elites killed. I am over 20k now and have seen a grand total of two.

Okay. Dear god. How the !@#$ did you manage to grind through that? I mean I've wasted time on some pretty %^-*ty MMORPGs before but D3 vs even say Maple Story is a hard choice..
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~350 Hours. 20 or so Legendary Items - the only ones that are useful are the sub Level 50 ones.

3 Set Items

WD Zuda;dvjha;dfhfv;aw Chest Piece - Sold for 35 Million (my only sale over 10 Million)

Barb Imma's Helm - Made a nice Brimestone

Barb Imma's Belt - Average, I actually kept it. Not equipped on my Barb, just sitting in my stash.
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500+ Hours:
awesome natalias top with discipline +10; 70dex

Tal rashas top which was pretty crappy but had gold/mf + attackspeed, so i could use it for farming

and zunimas mask setitem, 77int, which was also cheap not worth much.

a crapton of legendarys (2-3 maybe were good(andariels visage/dead men DH offhand with good stats))
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40 hours of playing my monk got 2 set items, I use one for my mf gear and the other one I salvage it so I can sell it. I guess I got lucky. both items dropped while i was doing elite runs on a2. i got 2 legendary weapons as well using my barb with 130 hrs played but they are both crap so i salvage them for fiery brimstone.
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