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Interesting article for those who say Diablo 3 is dead. Make sure you tunr the page

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Right. Not only does it say Diablo 3 is dead, it confirms our worst fears - that Blizzard is now just releasing one hit 100 hour wonders like Call of Duty.

Comparing older Diablo/Diablo 2 to Call of Duty titles is insulting. To say that Diablo 3 is equivalent to games like CoD or BF today isn't an insult though. It's a true statement, and exactly why all the god damn fans are so pissed off.
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Page 2 TLDR: D3 is hemorrhaging players but it is yet to be seen if those losses will stabilize.

Wow, what a strong rebuttal for the "D3 is dead" crowd!
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Stupid points that have all been refuted at one point in these forums.

Including the end: The only reason Diablo 3 sold so well is because of the hype and dedicated fans from D2.

D3 is definitely dying.
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Article still says D3 is dead.

I don't see where the contradiction is.

average games are played 20-30 hours people have been banging 400+.

Large drops yes but normal for a game released at this size.

In other words its doing exactly what its supposed to do.
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D3 is dead to me, that's all I care about.
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Cant u see there are still tons of bot running in there 24/7?!?!
ppl are making money in there!

D3 is not dead yo!
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AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I told these sceptics and negative trolls on this board that D# will live 4 ever. Diablo 3 The D3 Rises.
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im sure diablo 3 is dead with this many complaints about how the game is all broken and unfair its 100% dead
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D3 isn't dead. D3 is a myth, their is no D3
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100% dead
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Funny thing is, If Blizzard fixes all the things people are complaining about.
We will most likely see Error 37 again, Because of all the unhappy gamers will flood back here like a farmer feeding his hogs. lol....:)
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there is no spoon
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D3 isn't dead. It's Undead. And it smells awful...will someone please just headshot it already
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