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Hell Rift of Barbs w WTBN

This is a build I played with today nad made an insane amount of gain. It's like going in room and pressing the red button and the only thing left us you staring at the newly painted blood red walls ;p. First I will show you the build and then we will talk about the gear and using this build to its fullest,which is one of the strongest around but harad to master.
Here is the build:
EDIT:Use Boons instead of the Inspiring Presence. Thanks goes to FreedomFiter

basicly you want to hit you buffs and then draw all the mobs to you and as soon as thats surrounding you unleash the quake and get back tto a good cd spot like a doorway so only 1 can enter and you can pick the off.

Gear is pretty basic. LoH, Crit chance, Cdmg, main, vit, all res. Now here is where it makes the difference. You want Lifesteal stacked as much as you can and only a few 100 LoH items. Mainly because the massive DMG from your main quake attack LS is going to add up FAST. now it will never be good if your not hitting those massive DMG numvbers.

Now for price range on this build....well it can go both ways. if you want the good tihings it is going to cost ALOT, However if you can get the mid grade just as good but not perfect one you can have this for a steal.
Thanks For your time and GL N HF
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You'd probably be better off using Boon instead of inspiring presence. that will shave 30 sec off both earthquake and WotB

And you'd probably be better off with weapon master instead of animosity.

Just my $.02
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Hey thanks for pointing that out. I am not sure what I was thinking. Also sprint and tornado can keep the fury and hp full at all times keeping WotB going nonstop basiclly until everythings dead of course.The shaved time is awesome from boon though. Really glad you pointed that out though man. That could have costed someone a repair bill or worse and you saved my !@# from being trolled ; P BTW check out my other build in the second link. I spent more nearly 2 months on it. I have a few more Ideas on some Barb builds still so after I tweak them I will post them up. Thanks again for the commment,
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Posted in your other topic too.
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I though your name seemed familiar. I am a craptacular typer so I have to go over each sentence alot lol just to get it semi correct. Thanks for following these. You a barb I guess? Whats your take on these build so far. I got some interesting ones coming soon. Want to start a live stream since I got all free time now : )
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I like the creativity. Weapon throw's not really my thing, but I my try the earthquake build just for fun and see how it works. I used earthquake for most of normal and it was really effective in tough spots, I just got sick of the long cool down so I switched to something else and never thought to pull that back out of the bag of tricks again.
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Yea I had that problem in normal and nm. Thats why I dumped it. Now when in WotB with high crits and IAS it flat out slays. On top of that you convert the enemy and they fight mobs for you or just make extra meat shields. I am a DW by heart since the start of D2. Always barb and asn.
But Barb only now and my DW build the tornado throw barb I have spent along time getting that perfected. haven't meet one mob that I had to skip. I met many I wanted too but he held up and enrage timers in inf still made it feel like a geared 60 in norm. Love that Barb. Anyways thanks for the input and enjoy you day. Back to hell with me to slay Inf the easy mode ;P
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various discusions very disorganized.
The Wrath of the Tornado Necro Throw Barb
The Wrath of the Tornado Necro Throw Barb
My builds so far. Many more coming soon.

I had to move them to this one spot so I could easily track them and keep them updated.
I will get all the other social media soon and for now I am just gonna game for a bit. If you see me in d3 say hi !@#$ you or give me millions : P really I am here to help so ask me anything in game or on the most current forum. thanks, Everdeath
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this sounds pretty fun actually and i CAN see it being pretty hard to master as you mentioned.
the boons passive sounds awesome but never really had a use for it. so may try this out! i had a lot of fun with Earthquake and love the animation / dmg it deals!

quick quesiton with this build - for Mountain's Call, tha reduces EQ down to 105 secs, and then Boons shaves off another 30?

and just wanted to check quickly, so buffs = War Cry and WotB? then do you sprint and let tornadoes out first before wrenching smash stomp? to maintain/generate fury? and of course, i assume you'll sprint and let tornadoes goes whenever you can

(i've just recently added sprint into my builds so slowly learning the mechanics and how to use it most effectively!)
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also, why the Mob Rule rune on Ignore Pain? am not that familiar with ignore pain
guess you don't have a problem with healing, but wouldn't Ignorance with Bliss help in that regards as well in case you get trapped?
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