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Did anyone play DAoC?

I loved DAoC, loved the PvE, loved the PvP. I had probably 15 lvl 50 chars between the 3 realms over my 4 years of playing it. Of course, I never knew the VNBoards existed until several months in. For fun, every once in a while, I go back and read what's going on (I haven't played it in 4+ years probably). Just for MORE fun, I decided recently to go back to the very first posts on the boards...

HOLY CRAP!!! There was so much hate going on at the time! Remember how broken it was and how long it took to level from 40-50? Remember that most of the 40+ dungeons weren't even ITEMIZED?!? Spells didn't do what they were supposed to, some damage paths didn't even have level 47+ damage spells... so much was broken!! (Check out all of these closed threads on this page: http://www.ign.com/boards/forums/daoc-general.80126/page-1547)

But what kept us playing was that the game was FUN! It was a huge world, and there was always new stuff to explore. Every realm was unique, every character was unique, every build was unique (or could be)... it was just so fricking fun to try out different stuff.

Compare all of that to D3, just as a game. Yes, this game was FUN the first time through... getting to 60, beating Hell... but now the replay value just simply S*CKS. I mean, it's the worst. There is currently no point. In DAoC, when there was so much broken, it was still a fun game to play because you were still working towards something, or experiencing something new. This game, once you hit 60, and hit A2/3/4 (wherever you decide to stop) Inferno.... there's just nothing to do that's fun.

I read not long ago, someone posted something like "Whoever decided to stop at 60/not go to 99 was an idiot". At least in D2, while you were item hunting, even if you weren't finding anything, you were still working towards a goal, and making some kind of progress. This game has nothing like that.

I've logged in for maybe 5 hours in the last 3 weeks. I just don't care. I get my 5 stacks, make a run, get nothing, and quit. I'm just done. I may play more if Blizz can somehow fix stuff (like Mythic did with DAoC, to make it one of the best MMOs ever), but until then, I'll get my money's worth on the forums.

TL:DR - A lot of games start out rough, and have haters, but the good ones are still fun, and the players will hold out because there's still stuff to do. Activision ruined that with pay-to-play and nothing to keep you interested.
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DAoC blows D3 away, though tough to compare ARPG to MMO. DAoC had better spells/mechanics, better world to explore, and of course the best PVP in any game ever.

I kept going back to DAoC until a few months ago...prob done for good.
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Nope, Albies were too stupid. D3 wins over DAoC just because of them.
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Remember when the team that made DAoC made Warhammer Online? Remember when they had EA backing their game and utterly destroyed it?

Activision did the same thing with their Blizzard?
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I played it for roughly 5 years. Remember the Critblade? Ahh I loved that game. DAoC compares to WoW though not Diablo 3. WoW is basically a total ripoff of DAoC/Everquest cartooned up and dumbed down for the masses.
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DAoC is being reborn in GW2, closest thing I've played to DAoC in years.
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07/30/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Ajarat
Nope, Albies were too stupid. D3 wins over DAoC just because of them.

a classic midtard response!

jokes aside... i loved daoc played it for 7 years best pvp EVER , god i miss that game...
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I use to play DAoC. LOVED IT!. Best pvp ever for damn sure. Elder scrolls online will be awesome hopefully. Considering there using the DAoC dev team and pvp style.
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Yep, EA did the same thing to Mythic/DAoC/WHO as Activision did to Blizzard/D3. Sucks :(

I've been reading up on GW2, it definitely has my interest.
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Man I miss DAoC so much, I'm still tempted to reactivate... the only thing stopping me, having to install bootcamp and activate 2/3 accounts.


Seriously, best fun in PvP I've ever had in any game I've played, hand's down. The mechanics, skills, and even realm points were ACTUALLY REWARDING!

It was all about the End-Game and Realm Wars, but still had a massive amount of PvE to explore too.

I played from release upuntil a few months of LotM.


All hail DAoC!
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Oh yeah grinding Water Beetles for weeks upon weeks, don't really miss that part.
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They added Artifact weapons and armor that you could level up to 10 levels. Which would unlock really nice abilities and proc's. In that screenie, you can see my Eerie Darkness Stone gained XP.

Leveling was HELL at times! Especially before the 3rd expansion. It was one of those games where dying at a high level really set back your xp, cause you'd lose a nice chunk of it.
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Loved DAoC until Trials of Atlantis. That busted it for me.
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I did play Daoc alot and never never fount something equivalent. This is best game I ever did play in past 10 years. I did stop when they clustered all server. I was on Bors server on alb side mostly.
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