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Launcher updates in middle of gameplay?

What was up with that tonight? My launcher pops up to update while i was in the middle of a game session. I was on the European servers, hope you don't do that to the Americas server.
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Oh, and because i didnt click "yes" immediately, the game got stuck where the option to allow the update through Windows screen was not able to be accessed again. I had to kill it with task manager. Double thumbs up.
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I got it too, thought it was strange. I said no. Didn't seem right happening in the middle of a game.US servers.
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same thing to me i didnt want to hit yes so i brought up task manager and just went back into my game and now its gone just glad to know nobody is hacking me lol. I have an authenticator so
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Could I get you three to send me some log files? I need quite a few. The easiest way to get them all is to just send me your C:\ProgramData\Battle.net folder. It can be zipped up into a single file of approximately 60 megs

Please zip the folder into a single file and send it as an attachment via an email to Omrakos.Support@Blizzard.com
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I got the same type of Installer popping up while in game (killed me after a legendary ring dropped). My firewall stopped it and i thought it a little odd that in mid game it wants to update my agent. I have neither allowed access or clicked cancel and want it verified first. (Edit: My game froze and couldn't even pull up my desktop without clicking accept or cancel. I just ctrl+alt+deleted and it disappeared. But after I closed diablo properly and reopened, it popped up wanting to update.)

Here's the details:

Name: Battle.net Update Agent
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Path: C:\programdata\battle.net\agent\agent.1199\agent.exe

So my question is: Is this actually an update or some phishing?

I'll gladly give more info just let me know or if you can direct me to another related post that explains this (which I've seen none so far). Thanks!
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I can't send a file over 25mb with Gmail could you specify a folder or do you need the entire folder?
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MrFatal ,

If it's possible, we'd like to see all the files in these folders. They'll hopefully be small enough to allow sending them.

ProgramData\Battle.net\Client\Blizzard Launcher.1803\Logs
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I got this interruption to my gameplay, too, (a couple of hours ago?) and actually came to the forum to see what was up. I'll send the requested files in a few moments.
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So is this a dead issue?
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I just had the same thing happen. Is it phishing or real? I was playing HC but luckily it happened while I was in Bastion Keep CHANGING MY SKILLS to try to kill ghom lol. 10 seconds later and I would have been in trouble.
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