Diablo® III

Minimum Requirements? Heh.

According to the "will you run it" sites, etc... I should be able to run Diablo 3, and I am higher than the minimum requirements, but not necessarily at the recommended. However, I still lag like a crazy man when i get into combat, cast a spell, or sometimes while even running. This computer is brand new, so its not anything installed holding it down. What would need replacing, or what could I do?

AMD A6-3620 Quad-Core Processor 2.2 GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6530D graphics


^ Thats the computer, in case I didn't list something important.
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Lower your settings, lower your resolution, set max FPS to 30, and click the low FX button. You should be able to run the game better than I can on my laptop and I can do just fine.
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I hate to state the obvious, but make sure your video drivers are up-to-date.
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amd ? i would have went intel/nvidia
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And you would have paid a good bit more for marginal performance increase. Intel certainly outperforms AMD, and has for a while now, but hardly worth the cost.

Another thing is to be sure you allow windows updates to do its thing, be sure you have the latest service pack. D3 will not run on an outdated windows version. I had to update mine to install when the game released.
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Intel isn't that expensive.

Pentium G630 performs on-par with AMD's greatest CPUs costing hundreds more in gaming. How much is G630? Mere $65.

i5-3450 would demolish AMD's greatest CPUs in gaming, and how much do they cost?

i5-3450 = $200
FX-8150 = $200

Stop with that "Intel is more expensive" belief, it's not true anymore.


And yes, AMD A-Series is not really meant for gaming for desktop scene; it's really for laptop usage only. If you are using 1920x1080 resolution, you -need- a new dedicated graphics card, as the integrated GPU on the APU is only designed to handle games on 1366x768 resolution at most.
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Imo meeting Blizzard's recommended specs only give you the ability to play the game on mid settings. They dont want to scare people off buying it by telling the specs that is needed to run at max. Minimum specs is just that it will run the game with everything set as low as possible. IMO
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