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Item duplication

I was just looking through the auction house at bows with 53% crit damage and 10% attack speed, no max price. On the 5th page i noticed that there is 6 identical bows, with the same bid and buyout price. Have blizzard really made a game where you can dupe items 3 months in?
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yup defiantly a dupe. wish it would say who is selling it so you could report them
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lol that they put it up for 800m...
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!!! GET RID OF THE GOD DAMN DUPLICATED ITEMS AND GOLD THAT ARE FLYING AROUND AND EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT, PLEASE THAT IS ONE HUGE STEP TOWARDS FIXING THE GAME. GET RID OF DUPLICATIONS ASAP. That should always be #1 Priority is to GET RID OF DUPING FFS. No body gives a !@#$ about some internal patch that does nothing we can see compared to DUPING Completely ruining the games value for gold and items. DESTROY DUPLICATIONS, Trash the Duplicated gold, And prevent further Duplications from happening..
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You can buy rares from special vendors occasionally. if someone got a good roll they could buy a ton.

Or a dupe.
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But whos dupe is the original? And if you happen to buy a gg item and turns out its a dupe should they destroy what you just paid legitimately 500m for?

Not that easy. But nice use of capslock king.
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