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On sale on Steam today for 75% off (under $5).

For game that is about 5 years old it was more of a successor to Diablo 2 than Diablo 3 is.

See all the great features it had that for whatever reason was left out of D3.

True 3-D landscapes
No zone doors or loading screens
Side quests with rewards more than just gold and xp.
Set items and Unique items that actually drop.
A long campaign.
A "gem" system that involves DOZENS of different gems, not just 4 (charms and relics).
A waypoint and TP system that makes sense.
9 different classes and the ability to multiclass, thus making a lot of different class combinations.
Ability to assign attributes and skill points.
Elemental damage that actual does something! (Fire damage makes opponents burn!)

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There are some good mods for the game too. The Lilith mod is huge.
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How's the game play? It says it's multiplayer -- does it have pvp?

I was just checking it out a few minutes ago before i saw this thread- basically mainly wondering if the game has any Online value
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How's the game play? It says it's multiplayer -- does it have pvp?

I was just checking it out a few minutes ago before i saw this thread- basically mainly wondering if the game has any Online value

Sorry I can't speak to the MP aspect but the PvE game is quite good. Expect to get your butt kicked early on but it really is a great Diablo 2 clone - perhaps the best of the lot. (I consider TL1 to be a Diablo I clone. TL2 is the great unknown but my preorder is in.

Titan Quest is also cool in that it bridged the mythologies of different cultures so there is a sense of West meets East. Loki might be best described as a Titan Quest clone.
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Love this game. The multiplayer isn't a big deal, not that great, but because of the build variety for your character.. i think there are 40+ something different classes here to play with and all those classes can be build in different ways, that is a LOT of replay value. A must buy if you like ARPG's, especially for that price and again especially if you like greek/egyptian mythology

E: One little thing that OP already stated that elemental dmg actually does something, if you get a weapon that has ice damage the enemies will freeze and shatter occasionally, just like in the D3 trailers that never came to be.
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Calling Titan Quest a Diablo II clone is not doing the game justice at all, as it's far better than Diablo II. There are some flaws, like enemies being sometimes hard to see, bland in-door environments and a lackluster story presentation (despite being advertised as being penned by Braveheart screenwriter), but overall it's enjoyable. It's the closest we'll ever get to an Age of Mythology ARPG.
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Titan Quest is great, and moddable. If you have Immortal Throne, there's a full overhaul called Underlord which adds an absolute ton of stuff.

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Quite a good game, but I would highly suggest using mods to play it.

The game itself is a bit broken the last time I played it, a lot of skills aren't good or become lousy as you go on (mods can improve this obviously).
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People should be aware that some mods don't work with the Steam version of TQ.
Just FYI. The vast majority of them do, but it's something to be aware of.

Also, make sure to buy the gold edition (includes expansion pack). It adds quite a few things that are a pretty big deal, like the shared stash and pet-enhancing items.

Finally, get the fan patch at titanquest.net. It fixes glitches and does some balancing.
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