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Hi Invictus, I am also playing from India...how do you manage in public games? Seems like all players speak only Mandarin/Korean :/
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Any updates on this? I am also playing on asia server but my character profile screen is on chinese. ching ko lang gok lan chaw ma = we cannot understand the chinese characters on the profile...why cannot we have an option to have an english language profile? wtf?
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these profiles are great just found out that we asians except for those in korea and china, should play on the american servers...

this sucks my indian friend..there was no notice right from the box that we should play on america...were on asia right? so why in the hell should we play on the america server?

now were stuck playing with these CHAN MING CHOK CHI KO LA TOK

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Bumping. Blizzard seems to ignore this issue. Easily fixed if they wanted to.
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bump digity bump
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looks like blizzard does not understand english...

can you make an english profile for asia server? not all people playing in asia is either korean or chinese...is this a benefit of what you call global play?

to translate in chinese so that you can understand:

ko yung chi fu ghan kung vien bu chi kek
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i want to see my community profile, Asia Server
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i have the same problem, i submitted a ticket and here is the answer:

"Customer support does not handle the forums or profiles, and thus cannot adjust how your character is viewed online. I'm sorry we cannot assist you further with this issue.

I hope you have a great day!"

this is a serious issue for many players who "have to" or "want to" play in Asia server but can not read the text in korean or chinese language. I really cant believe how blizz could make such a simple mistake, not considering the profile page for english players in asia server ?

Since customer support can not do anything about that, this is the only place to ask for so bumping buming..
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Please we need Asia Server in english webpage. Not all players in asia server can understand Taiwanese or Koreans.
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03/07/2013 11:12 AMPosted by mbontigz
Please we need Asia Server in english webpage. Not all players in asia server can understand Taiwanese or Koreans.

I fully agree, when I signed up I couldn't login to the US or EU server so playyed and regret it because of issues like this could be fixed easily by allowing en in the url.

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sad about not doing anything about this :(
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Please ? Why can't you just make sea.us.battle.net/profile/etc... got an english version ?
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I can't seem to find any of my heroes on the asian server? even when going through the SEA battle net site, it immediately sends me to the US diablo site.
Is there even a asia profile viewer?

We plan on releasing the profile feature in Korea and Taiwan in about 16 hours.

it's in Korean and I can only read English.

I can't access my profile in SEA,

I want to have English profile, plz!!!
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Hi, is this issue still not fixed, let us hope Blizzard will fix this now, it has been a year and I still can not view my SEA profile, i see in Korean but I am Filipino and do not read Korean. Pls fix this Blizz
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No blue reply for almost a year now. This sucks.
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BUMP!!!! Come on wtf is taking so long
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hey! come on! we need english webpage for asia profile please!!
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yes, me too


I don't even know what language is that page.
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I want to have English profile for ASIA server blizz...
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