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Witch Doctor Pet Guide part 3 (old)

Yeah shields are silly. That alone is reason enough to not use one but your better off with the DMG boost you get from a mojo (and other useful effects like regen or skill specific things). And hey in a few weeks we'll start seeing some nice 2H stuff... what im hoping for anyway. But that's cause I like the 2H look on WD (axe, specially) over Mojo.

Though my giant demon chicken head helmet with a snake mojo looks kinda funny. Demon Chicken runnin' around with his snack.

I don't appreciate you insulting my shield. I love my shield. It keeps my face off the pavement.
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08/21/2012 10:24 AMPosted by weesheng
I don't appreciate you insulting my shield. I love my shield. It keeps my face off the pavement.

It's also the reason for sub 20K DPS. While shields are a necessity in 1.03, if pets work as advertised in 1.04, then its time to put it into storage. A normal 80-280 mojo with +120 Int should give you more than a 20% DPS boost to 24K.

Honestly I plan to keep my shield. I like my survivability, and after 1.04 I suspect I will be able to face tank every single elite in act 4. I could already nearly do this prior to 1.03 but some affix combos would force me to kite a little.

I may experiment with a mojo, but I like my shield.
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Hey folks I think it's best if we continue the discussion in the new 1.0.4 thread I made. Can be a bit confusing to have 2 threads up at the same time.

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just said goodbye to my CC build and waiting to see the changes that are about to happen :)

correct me if I am wrong... RoT and Grasp will proc the same right?
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My question is, If using Zombie Dogs with Burning Dogs rune can damage % be changed by + to skill? ie. Maximus - Fire skills deal 24% more Damage. Thus 2% aoe Damage (Burning Dogs) would be 26% Damage? If not the % to skills needs an astrix stateing such...
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