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Witch Doctor Pet Guide part 3 (old)

Weesheng, i have done some test on CC CD on my own, Pet dont Crit and Crit have no effect. Only Raw Damage increase Pet Damage. So, i didnt make a Crit Build myself, instead i go for raw damage + IAS. It cheaper as Crit cost a ton now too.

Low DPS - Bleed
High DPS - Crit?

For Pet Doctor i will say For High DPS - IAS + Elite Damage

I used to use a Bleed Shield but once ur DPS exceed 30k, Elite Damage give u better return on Damage.
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08/13/2012 10:18 AMPosted by weesheng
Personally, I am a big fan of bleed damage. Pets are going to get a huge buff (hopefully) when 1.04 goes live. So, I plan to find more gears with IAS stat to stack bleed damage even faster.

I don't think IAS boost the attack speed of pet auras. My issue with bleeds is that there is quite a hard cap to it since it doesn't play well with other damage stats at all. The lack of a synergy and multiplier effect means it will always be a insignificant part of your damage.

Let's assume for my case, would a 33% chance to bleed for 1500 be more effective than 6% IAS. The IAS becomes increasingly powerful with my stats while bleed is flat. I won't theorycraft too much, but I believe if you cross 20K DPS, Crit/IAS stuff should be more powerful than bleed effects.

I would like to see Blizz make Bleed effects scale with gear, that would actually be a quick and dirty way to boost Pet Doctor damage without having to buff other skills that would affect other builds.

IAS for me is just for spaming firepit and RoT. If our pets get a huge improvement in 1.04, with our current defensive stats should make them stay alive even longer (which means good bleed damage they can do).

You are probably right about Cri chance/ Cri damage will finally out damage bleed. However; such gears are still unaffordable for me. Currently I have about 2000-5000 bleed damage from my 1-h sword and a shield. Spamming firepit with an IAS buff from a shrine plus all pets are up, I always see 20-30k bleed damge per tik (0.5 second per tik).
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Odd I just swapped over to a crit damage knife and my pets are doing a good bit more damage all by themsevles. Its not even a very good knife just a slot so I could cram a 60 crit damage gem in.
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Pet aura doesnt seems to crit. Pet bites from zombie dog seems to give yellow crit numbers.
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much thanks to crdvis16!

hanging onto most of my cash to see what needs help after 1.04, but just switching around my gear per your first two suggestions has upped my pet viability massively.

i primarily play multiplayer so i am jealously retaining my bears to spam when i duck into the fray for soul harvest and then sac my dogs for mana whenever the cooldown's ready.

i'll try other builds later but for my current playstyle i feel like i have an option for all scenarios:
health low - soul harvest, also ups my damage
mana low - sac dogs, also adds some damage
dogs about to drop - spam bears and then sac dogs for mana and kite until ready, tank garg lasts for AGES now.
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Guys im stacking cc and thorns.
atm ive got 12k thorns plus a 12% chance to freeze/stun/knockback.

My dps is 12k but ive got a 31% chance for 1-2k bleed on main hand and a 34.4% chance for 800-1.1k on my mojo.

Ive also stacked life regen but im still getting smashed in act 2 and i think my gear is actually decent.

What im asking is ---
Do you think the next patch will help a thorn/cc build or do you think I should go either all thorns or all cc?

Any general thoughts on those stats and where I could improve would also be great, thanks.
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@ Oli, generally no 1 know what 1.04 will bring for pet.

One Thing sure is Pet will be bluff in Life wise and unknown / unlikely in damage wise.
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Thanks sam
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wow sam just checked out your profile, your monk is insane lol
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Hi guys,

I'm running a thorns/life regen build. Am currently on act 3 inferno. Is there any way I can improve my WD? Here is my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/kantutiti-1559/hero/8101008


P.S. This thread is awesome.
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@ Oli

Thanks, i spend a lot of time in GAH/RMAH my job allow me lot of free time to buy / sell but market price is all stable now, harder to buy low sell high now.


You could use More life, More CC for Pet to survive longer in Act 3/4 and you could try ROT since you pretty Tanky (except the Health part) to be using Dart.
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Hi Pet and DoT Doctors,

I just found out about this collection and thought that I might have something helpful for others trying to find their way around items and stat allocation.

Here is a spreadsheet that I made, it is meant as a foundation of stats to strive. Dex is simply a placeholder. The weapon/shield fields are left blank because I was not able to find max stat values. If you have any information feel free to PM me in game or leave a post on my Pet/DoT Build thread.

IMPORTANT: The best 1h is a mace. (Spreadsheet is made with this in mind.)
Note: All stats presented are based on perceived BIS.




*Edit I felt the need to express that the reason why I focused on Crit Dmg is because that is what maximized DoT dmg. Pets in this build are cannon fodder for getting in and exercising what I like to call Mob Control.
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08/14/2012 02:10 AMPosted by weesheng
The best 1h is a mace.

1.04 will be buffing 2 handers significantly, with damage over time effects specifically mentioned as one of the big upgrades for 2 handers, even though the wording for it is confusing. Essentially, slower higher raw damage weapons get exponentially better with DoT effects.

Just something for you to consider in the next 2-3 weeks.

I will keep an eye on this, I hope they don't fully throw 1h's under the bus for DoT's unless they buff bleed dmg as well it will drastically nerf pets dps.

However, if they buff the scaling on pet dmg then it might not be so bad using leeching beasts etc. Scary things to contemplate for HC but promising too!
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you want a 1h because it allows you to use a shield so your pets live. and the dots are not for dps. they're for cc.

we'll see if 1.04 changes any of that.
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Might as well ask if anyone would critic my gear as well.

Was more defensive with a proc pet build but got tired of how long it took to kill so switched up. Liking the damage to actually kill something in a shorter period of time.

So far it farms Act1 easily and Act2 with minor difficulties now and then.
Main strat on elites is running up close, dropping BBV and spamming bears like crazy while pets keep things off me. Usually they are dead, halfway dead, or almost dead by the time BBV wears off.

I'm wondering if I should drop Spirit Vessel for something else though. I've played without it all the way up to last night, but have noticed I die less with it (I die very infrequently as is but i've gotten slightly more gung ho with it).

And currently trying to find a higher base weapon to bring my dps higher.
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