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And 60.
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10/15/2012 05:04 AMPosted by malice
And 60.

Congrats. And that's a nice new wand. I like the LoH.
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Thanks... and same. It also has a pretty cool in-game graphic. Damage *could* be higher, but it will do for now... and yes: that LoH is sweet.

On the LoH... I have a question: does it work for EVERY attack (including Hydra?) or just for some attacks... ???
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Well, 1.0.5 comes out tonight so it looks like it will be time to take a few days (at least) off Hardcore.
Not sure I'll be able to stomach SC yet though, may just play Auctionablo for a while :)
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Lvl 60 (4) barb in Brisbane, currently farming for stuff to kill butcher (safely)

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Just found this thread. Im brissy based HC player. Barb, monk and DH so far shold have a 60 WD by tonight. always looking for other aussies to farm act 3 with.... or now i guess infernal machine.

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I really think this thread should be stickied... can all of HC Oz request it (top right hand of thread)?
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Well, 1.0.5 comes out tonight so it looks like it will be time to take a few days (at least) off Hardcore.
Not sure I'll be able to stomach SC yet though, may just play Auctionablo for a while :)

OK, so I lied.
It has actually been remarkably stable tonight. 250-300 constant ping (worse than my usual 210-220 but very playable).

DH into Hell. Picked up an extreme weapon for her...

Web profiles are not updating at the moment though.
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re rolling once again lol -.- lvl59 SO DAMN CLOSE !

this time on 10MP from act1 norm :P
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90 Human Warlock
Posts: 300
Hey everyone, I'm just coming back to D3 after playing for the month after launch. I'm going to play HC this time so we'll see how far I get.

If anyone wants to play sometime add me Rich#1297
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I *probably* have some stuff for low-levels (15 or so) saved on mules - and given I now have the ability to get Neph stacks, I need to clear some space. If anyone new to HC (I'm assuming those not new won't want) wants some stuff, gimme a shout.

Oh... and a special thanks to Andelas for the presents last night (shield/gloves/bracers - better than I had!). Much appreciated sir.
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Interesting challenge to put foward to all the guys that play HC, try starting a new toon, and !@# soon as you can switch to MP10, interested to see how far people get, my first (demon hunter) got killed when i DC's whilst kiting a blue pack near the khazra barricade last night, second is still going strong
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My first HC RIP post - monk at 47 to the act 3 keywarden. Seriously - he's not a nice guy. I had 15K HP 1500 armor and 100 AR and it took one little bit of lag to kill me.
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Sorry to see that robbie.
As has been mentioned, those keywardens are going to do that a few times until they nerf them.

Meanwhile, My DH has hit 60 - I now have all 5 HC classes at 60. (woohoo)
DH pinged it in the siegbreaker while destroying the ballistae, so was a little slower than the others who did it by Ghom, but not by much :)

Just need to get her through end of Act III and Act IV hell then aim #2 will be met.
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Heh - cheers mate. I'm nto sure he needs nerfing, but it would be nice if he was a bit more off the beaten track. Funny thing is i was totally cruising on all the other content around there.

And congrats on the 5x60 - fantastic work.
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5 60s now in Inferno.
ActIV Hell Keywarden almost face-rolled :0

Apologies again to The Darkest for the loss of your alt barb in Hell craters. At least your mate was killed in that triple elite swarm, but when I went the other way to continue my full clear and left you isolated against trash mob occultists, that was avoidable.
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My 60 bit the dust, tried MP1 - got toasted. Actually got out of the battle alive, and resolved to leave game and put it back on to MP0... then thought "Hey, they're nearly dead - I can survive long enough to finish *just* these guys."...
Died to jailed/corpse explosion.

Have a few days available to put in a concerted effort, but my chat's being very weird at the moment. Have reported it, but if I don't respond - sorry! Not for lack of trying.
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New here, Squibidyflop#2659

On a DH kick right now, but keep getting oneshotted by keywardens. Guess I'm just not very good at Diablo :D
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Hi Squibidyflop - add me in game and I'll hand-me-down some lvling DH gear. Can also escort you past each KW until Bliz nerf them.
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Dear all HC aussies/kiwis

I will be offering free NM crates tonight

Always looking for new people to play with, I also use vent to play with other HC players...

If you got your microphone, download vent and come in for a chat...


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