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Maghda Question

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Would Maghda have been a better villain had she not had her Moth companions?

I mean they're constantly on her shoulders, but they are actually companions (if you zoom in on some of the shots the moths sometimes are just flying near her). So, everyone see's butterfly attack lady. If, instead, she didn't have the moth companions, she could have at least tried to come off as a wizard powerful enough to levitate themselves while trying to crush you and your friends.

Also, did anyone else go with the concept of Maghda was dropping the hints of where the sword was specifically so you could do the retrieving of the pieces for her? I know that's what I figured she was doing, but it could also be read as her being an idiot in giving away where things are located at in the world.
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I have no issue with her looks. If it were me designing her I would have gone for something more simple, but whatever.

She's just a bit cheesy ;)
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All of Act 1, I was just thinking I have read enough stories, played enough gamees, seen enough movies to know this is too damn easy. Also, is it me or does the butcher just feel like they threw him in so the could use Maghda to continue the story? he feels out of place.
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She served Belial, the lord of lies, so that would ex
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She served Belial, the lord of lies, so that would explain her deceptively innocent look. Belial himself was disguised as a child. Plus, her moth companions may have had something to do with her personal powers (like the witch doctor carrying dolls). Not only that, but it's not like all evil people wear black robes and skull masks. Maghda was important in Act II, so she couldn't die at the end of Act I.
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She has minions on her shoulders? I never even noticed. Was busy laughing/tableflipping at her bright and cheery disney appearance which should be in a game that has a child rating on it.

She would of been a better villain if blizz north made this game.

Oh look, another sheep on the bandwagon.

I personally find nothing wrong with Magda's appearance, but it could still be improved. They could've made the moths less colorful (so they'd be the sort of moths that rely on camoflage, to better fit with the deception theme) and more grotesque. And perhaps she could've had multiple faces, just like her master.
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