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Question about demon hunter in Hardcore

hi guys just hited lvl 60 in hc for first time , with demon hunter
i just dont know what weapon to use
i already saw a doble 1h cross bow demon hunter
i saw a 2h crossbow with a quiver and
i saw 1h weapon and a shield
and i just dont know what is better ...is there some hc Hunters that can tell me what they think?
thanks in advance :)
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2h bow/xbow quiver best to start off with in act1 inferno
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The one that works is best.

Die and Learn- HC
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If I were you, I would take everything DH related and sell it on AH. I would then kill my char and archive it, then make a barb or a monk. DH is not worth the time and risk involved. It's not if, but when. I have had two, very few people ever get geared enough to solo inferno. Even then, it takes the slightest mistake and you are done.

Playing and dying with one at level 60 will really make you appreciate the other classes. I wont make one again until pvp comes out. I can farm a1 and 2 just fine with a monk to search for gear and save money, so why risk it with a DH? *My opinion*

More than likely you will be playing with a party and your job will be to lay down damage, so def 2 handed and a quiver
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The fact that my DH is 60 and has beaten Act 1 Inferno solo... i may shelve her and roll a monk. I agree, every time i log in i think to myself, "Is it worth the risk of one 3 second lag spike?"
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08/03/2012 09:45 AMPosted by klarvis
DH is not worth the time and risk involved.

This is highly subjective.

Lag kills any class, D/C kills any class, poor skill, bravado and stupidity kill any class.

There are builds, play styles and equipment to easily survive what act1 will throw at you. If you can't deal with arcane, skip it, if you can't deal with invuln, skip that too. If your armor is too low to tank a few hits, kite more. If your build isn't working, find another.

For me, personally, I enjoy the thrill of playing the DH because I think it is one of the more challenging classes to play and brings a greater risk to my games. I enjoy seeing my health globe go up and down, laugh at the occasional red screen and survive with more satisfaction than if I'd been a barb, experienced a 3 second lag spike while standing in stacked desecrator/plauge pools getting hammered on by a fast horde, shrugged it off and kept thumping along.

As for advice to the OP, read the forums, come up with your plan then ask specific questions in the context of your personal goals. There are a lot of DH threads in HC, and an entire sub-forum devoted to DH. Use the information that works for you, accept that every game is the game that might kill you and have fun.

What is the safest character? The one you're not playing.
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We're pretty dang fragile, but that doesn't much answer your question. I like 2h bow/quiver. I don't like xbow because they're too slow for me, but some DH do well with a certain spec and the burst from a xbow.

Don't worry about main stats on the bow since str = armor, int = resists. Get the highest dps bow you can afford. Less than 900 doesn't make much sense to me in Inferno.

If the rest of your gear isn't in order (and there are good threads around here that talk about Inferno readiness), keep farming in Hell until you get/can afford good gear.

Good luck :)
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damn.. ye its true before this dh i lost 3 ...all on lvl 51 ... 2 because i was distracted and other one because a lag spike of 3 sec ...in azmodan and just got hited by his fireball....its sad to know that i just hited lvl 60 and i hear u guys saying the true...that "i cant play my first lvl 60 in hc" :P
because i can die anytime...ofc i can die with other chars aswell but ye with monk or barb is more safe, maybe i will use dh only to farm gold then
have lvl 50 monk and 53 barb...maybe gonna lvl them for progress..and dh only for farming gold in hell/nightmare..hoping for some blizzard good changes for dh about his defence
sry for bad english thank you guys all
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