Was spam general chat. I love you hacker. <3

I was expecting to come back to all my hc chars dead and sc chars stripped, but nothing was touched, just a ton of reports about my account being banned from chat for spamming chat lol

Though I did catch it quickly, so maybe he just didn't have time, but whatever, still pretty awesome.

The only problem I had with account recovery was that when they sent me my rollback email, they hadn't removed the authenticator that the hacker added, so i couldn't reply to the ticket... but after a 20min wait on the phone I got through to a very helpful bliz support guy and we got it sorted out right quick. Frustrating, but acceptable I guess. Whole thing was sorted in bout 7 hours, could have probably taken a few hours less if I hadn't waited to see if they're remove authenticator after the first email.

I did however miss a pretty !@#$%in auction, so that's a shame.