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WW barb in hardcore easy?

anyone using this build in hardcore? Ima soft core and this build pretty much makes me invincible with a crit shield (thrive on chaos immunity). Interested in making a hardcore ww barb for achievements. About how much do you think i will need to farm gold for to pull off a budget ww barb to clear inferno (not farm efficient, just able to pass the game with the char). I have no idea in the ah prices in hardcore.

Or are there any other better builds for barb hardcore?

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It's definitely viable--I saw a livestream of someone farming Inferno A2 with it last week. However, it's the single most expensive build for the most expensive class, so you would need a lot of gold to make it work. This is because you need STR, VIT, AR, Armor, Crit Chance, LOH, etc., all of which costs a fortune in HC.

If you add me, you can see what build I use. It works well, it's safe, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper.
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thanks ! will add u <3
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I'm currently able to farm A2 with a no-crit WW barb. The only fury generating abilities I have are superstition + mightyweapon with weapon master for 3 fury a hit. I started doing this build after watching Chease's stream - he's a guy who used to post here who got to A3 with a no-crit WW build like a month ago, before he died to a game freeze. You can find his old stream link here if you want to get an idea of what it looks like without crit (https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6019723111?page=1).

You can't ww forever like you do with a real WW build but it's still very effective. My gear is probably worth <10 mil in HC, which is pretty cheap by HC act 2 standards.

Obviously the build with crit is better, but top-level gear is very expensive on HC so you need to be pretty active in trading/buying/selling to get what's necessary.

Edit: to answer the question in your subject line - it's not easy to farm up enough gold in HC to do a proper WW build. It's much easier to do a no-crit WW build, though it's probably still harder to find the necessary items than going with a standard tank build. unfortunately, either way, there's no real build that will let you clear hc inferno as a "budget barb," so if you're not planning to spend a lot of time and want to do it just for the achievements, it's probably going to be very hard.
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Be careful with this build, there is currently a bug concerning WW/sprint barbs where they will get d/c at a much higher frequency than other classes. While this isn't that big a deal for Softcore, in hardcore the results can be the loss of dozens of hours.
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thanks guys
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