Diablo® III

All followers are TRASH post Act1 inferno...

As above, you need to gear them appropriately, and you can do it cheaply as well. They get base stat bonuses, enchantress is a good choice because the buffs are good and she has naturally high int which affords some decent resists.

Your looking for pieces with high vit/int, that's all that counts really. I spent only a cpl of hundred k on my enchantress and she has 50khp and 4k dps, she doesn't die too much.

Get a cheap, lowish dps 2 hander (let's say 800 minimum) that has a tonne of int (like 300-400) then get blue rings/amulet with just int/vit, same for the token.

Go for that or the scoundrel, I'm sure others may disagree but the templar just doesn't stack up at later inferno levels compared to scoundrel/enchantress.
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See my profile.
I farm with followers in A3 inf.
They are all doing pretty well....
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LOL at TS.
My follower is almost essential for my solo play. I play a locusts build on my WD, and use garg as a tank and my scoundrel has 47% knockback per hit and 5% blind something like that. per arrow, and he uses multishot. nothing gets near me and i can clear any act with the mf gear you can see on my profile.

Just learn how to use them and invest on them when you can. Think about it like this: if you never got good gear, how good would your char be?
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Check out my follower:

High Vitality (I think it's somewhere around 60k hp)
Using blinding and multishot, and the skill that gives me crit chance
5% chance to stun
49% to knockback
Cold elemental damage (slow)
Increased attack speed

Nothing gets near me. And when the new patch comes out, and CC is even better? My follower will be unstoppable. I use him to farm Act 3 inferno.

Plus I love his commentary.
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Ignorant post. Scoundrel extremely useful. Use my spec (gear) and he will be uber powerful.

Nuff said, learn to experiment before you lazily jump to conclusions.
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My enchantress is necessary for my barb. And with 1.2k life on hit, 3k+ dps she can survive while pelting at range. Around 30k hp as well.
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My enchantress for the barb has 6700DPS and 42K Health...She rocks and rarely dies.
Also carries 22MF and 18GF

For my DH, my Templar has 4K DPS and 30K Health with Max MF of 27

These guys rarely die in any act...

I did spend a nice penny on both of them...
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My follower hardly ever die in act inferno. Sure they do at time. But a scoundrel with something like windforce for knockback and 1.5k life on hit + attack speed and a little all resist never dies. even get 100 all resist and 1500+ loh with at least 1.5 attacks per second on any follower and theyll survive most them time.
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I have generally used either enchantress or scoundrel for my DH, and while they don't kill mobs for me, their buffs are ok, and I don't care if they die.

Just for the hell of it, I decided to give my templar a ton of vit (he's at 90k+vit) and do a few runs with him. I was surprised, he's proven to be a seriously decent tank. Very often, he'll block a doorway so an elite pack can't get thru, and I just wreck them with my DH without the hassle of kiting. The occasional heals are kinda nice but they're so weak they rarely truly rescue me.
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my enchantress hardly dies

48k hp 488 regen 298 loh. she only dies only if she stupidly stays in azmodan's hellgrasp.
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