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Budget for a Barbarian & Tips

I've played two kiting classes to level 60 and subsequently beat the game with them (WD and Wiz) and now I am working on a barbarian. I am on Act II hell (lvl 53) and it's becoming a little difficult to adjust to the playstyle since the difficulty is picking up ever so slightly. I am not sure whether I can just facetank mobs or need to kite away from desecrators/plagued/etc.

Anyways, thats not really the issue. I have approximately 100-110M to spend on my gear so I present these questions, and all help is appreciated :)

1) What kind of build should I aim for? Im thinking 110M should be able to suit me up a decent WW barb
2) How much of my money should I allot to my weaponry? Im aiming to find decent deals on two 850+ DPS weapons with some sort of LOH/Life Steal + Socket for 90% crit gems.
3) How much does the DPS on the offhand matter? I dont mind spending more on an offhand with 850+ DPS if its going to really give me a huge boost over 600-700 DPS offhands.

Any other suggestions or advice are appreciated!
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Anything? :O
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Yeah I understand the general kind of stats im looking for, im more concerned about weaponry/LoH v Life Steal/importance of dmg on offhand (and how much of a difference it makes).
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Here's some stuff I've found by playing...

You can facetank desecrator/molten/firechains/plagued/enrage if you use the Crushing Advance (damage return) rune for Overpower with some Life on Hit. I haven't been able to tank Arcane with it but maybe with high enough mitigation you can.

High regen chest and/or legs is pretty nice. These pieces can have the highest regen (600 on chest, forgot what on legs; 400 I think) I got a 550 regen chest and it makes a big difference.

I've found that skimping on Vitality is fine; if you need to make compromises that's the stat to compromise imo. I just completed act 4 on my barb with only 33k life and I was killing most things comfortably even if they enraged on me. Granted, I am using 3 mitigation passives so for the tornado build you probably want more like 40k life. But anyway, it's all about mitigation stats and regen/LoH/Lifesteal IMO.

I almost considered a mighty belt for lifesteal but keep in mind that they can only be ilvl 62 so you can't get an uber strength one. That's a big problem since an ilvl 63 belt can potentially roll 300 strength. So I dunno probably don't bother with a mighty belt imo.
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Okay cool thanks for getting me rolling here. Im assuming you do a sword and board setup? Im definitely going for dual wield though I think as I will probably get bored with low DPS after using my wizard/WD.

Any tips on weaponry?
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I found that using a lower DPS off hand with really high speed and loh is best, main hand DPS should be high as posssible with high crit. Expect to pay dearly for weps with Loh and high crit tho.

Take a look at Kripparians youtube channel for WW build strats. He's pro and has 99% of your questions answered there.
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Yeah I do sword/shield. Makes a huge difference on those stupid elites, but power to you on the dual wield. You have the funds for it imo.

Tips on weaponry... well you know Lifesteal% is reduced by 80% on inferno right? So prioritize Life on Hit.

LoH works at different rates on different skills. The sprint tornadoes have a good ratio, forgot what exactly but pretty good. So LoH is essential for that build.

Lifesteal is still a decent stat for the tornado build if you use the Slaughter rune on Wrath because those explosions don't LoH at all. It does so much damage that lifesteal is decent in spite of that massive inferno penalty.

Furthermore, for any build LoH is pretty good while Lifesteal is only good on certain builds.

TLDR; So you definitely want LoH and (crit damage and/or socket) preferably all 3. Lifesteal% is an added bonus.

edit: 2nd on checking out kripparrian's stream. Best barb player imo. I watched his stream early on and despite not even playing barb back then, I still learned a lot about the game and felt a lot more confident when I actually got around to my barb later on.
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Alright thanks guys you've really helped a ton, I have a feeling ill be dropping around 50M on 2 weapons and then leaving myself 60M left over to grab some gear, which should be okay I hope.

I was going to grab some 3.00% life steal + socket 950 DPS weapons for like 12M but after seeing the LOH !@#$ above i've decided to skip that.
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yeah life steal was nerfed hard in inferno, stay away unless its a freebie affix.
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