Diablo® III

Rare Phenomenon and Champion Collection BUGGD

Under Achievements then Challenges:

A Rare Phenomenon:
Rare (yellow mob leader with ADs):
-Dust Imp
-Sand Dweller
-Skeletal Sentry
-Skeletal Raider
-Mallet Lord

Champion's Collection:
Champion (blue mob):
-Skeletal Raider
-Armored Destroyer
-Skeletal Marauder
-Mallet Lord

I'm still missing these. Please check yours and see if you have any of the above. If you do please post where you found them! According to this thread:

Yakjangsu has run into the same problem. I just want a verification from everyone that these mobs are indeed bugged. If they are I don't see Blizzard fixing them in the foreseeable future. They still haven't fixed the Battlefield Reports drop and that was reported ages ago.
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Yes, it's bugged!

I'm still missing these. And I miss too the Champion Fallen Cur.
Edited by Nephrost#1428 on 9/23/2012 9:56 PM PDT
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I found the Fallen Cur in the Unknown Depths or Storm Halls (can't remember) while looking for the Dust Imp. I didn't even know they could spawn there but they did. Found it on the first or second run. Could never find the Dust Imp because they spawn out of the arcane construct which can't spawn mobs.
Edited by Mephisto#1567 on 8/7/2012 8:44 PM PDT
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Yes, the Dust Imp elite I never saw!! The arcane construct can't spawn mobs.

But are you serious that the Champion Fallen Cur spawned in the Unknown Depths or Storm Halls?? I thought they could only spawn in Ancient Path!! I found the rare fallen cur in ancient path!
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Yep it's in one of those.
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If anybody is interested I have the champion fallen cur up in HC nm, will leave the game open for another 10 minutes

EDIT: game closed
Edited by Deltaic#1719 on 8/7/2012 9:36 PM PDT
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oh damn! i don't have a hc nm char!!
where did you find it? ancient path?
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In what difficulty have you found the champion fallen cur, guys?
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in what quest?? do you remember?
i don't know if it matters, but i'll try lol
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I've pretty much given up on this entire achievement (hardcore and softcore). It's just bugged everywhere. Some don't spawn. Some don't check off even if you kill them. It's a mess.

I'm at 92% total achievements. Would be nice to actually do this one properly.
Edited by Zed#1489 on 8/8/2012 7:42 PM PDT
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Plague Swarm is bugged - has not spawned for anybody after patch 1.0.3
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Missing from my list...

Dust Imp
Sand Dweller
Skeletal Sentry
Skeletal Raider
Mallet Lord

Fallen Cur
Skeletal Raider
Armored Destroyer
Skeletal Marauder
Mallet Lord

This is with over 32k lifetime elites killed and after having leveled ten characters to max level playing through all quests on the way(no power leveling). I farm fairly evenly between acts 1, 2, and 3 and I am approaching 1000 hours played between all of my toons.

I am really surprised to see this many missing from these lists considering the sheer amount of playtime. At least some of them must be bugged though there is always the chance that some others I have simply missed due to really bad RNG.
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All of these are bugged, Matuzak.
I miss these too.
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If you consider yourself a real achievement farmer, you'd have already gone to d3db.com and read the comments where people list the bugged champions/rares from these achievements.
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yeah, but it's good to have it in this forum too. from the 1.5 notes, i just saw mention of the dust imps being bugged. hopefully, that means the rest will be fixed.
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Sad to see this is still bugged, the d3db.com site info is 3 months old now...
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Still bugged, killed subjugator champion packs in few days but they are still need for champion's collection achievement.
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09/24/2012 02:50 AMPosted by Cheater
If you consider yourself a real achievement farmer, you'd have already gone to d3db.com and read the comments where people list the bugged champions/rares from these achievements.

Some champions they list as a bug are wronge cause i complete then so the site is not 100% accurate !
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Pretty sure at the very least the Mallet Lords is bugged, I've killed a dozen of them and haven't got the achievement.
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