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SEA Profiles - In English?

Hi Blizzard,

I was wondering if there are plans to give people who play on the Asia servers access to their profiles and data in English. I can't speak or read, Chinese, Korean or anything but English to be honest, neither can any of my friends (as well as a massive portion of SEA). We all live in, and play on the Asia servers but can't use the new profiles. (Asia region in English forwards to the US subdomain for forums ect.)

I personally would like to be able to use the feature, without abandoning all my characters to play on another server.

*Edit - Or maybe I have just missed something? If I have, please let me know... :)
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Same issue here. At time of install, I had no choice but to install via US servers, yet I live in SEA region. Couldn't [shouldn't] a gamer's language take precedence over the respective game server's
native language, written or otherwise?

I believe a fix would be rather easy since the European servers serve various language users as well as Cyrillic fonts. If those user's are represented thus, why not us?

As stated above, Asia Region [English] re-directs to US sub-domain. When can we expect this third of the world to be represented? This covers Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines [I doubt that Tagalog will be represented, anyway]. Please address this issue soon
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Jesus Christ, Blizzard... Please listen and FIX THIS ISSUE FFS!!!
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Hey Blizz! I don't want to sound pushy. I know that you've got a lot on your plate and different priorities to take care of!

I just want to politely request an English feature for the Asian D3 profile pages. I am doing my best to learn Chinese, but right now I only know simplified characters.

I can understand why this feature might not seem too important. It might also seem unfair to other countries if they were to demand web features to be put in their native languages.

But, as you probably already know, English is more or less universal. This isn't just a Westerner trying to impose his cultural norms. This is a request from a long-term patron asking for your help to unify our gaming experience with the rest of the globe.

Thanks for your consideration.
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